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August 2019 Archives

Work illness can be truly debilitating

When our body and mind are working together in perfect health and harmony, it makes it much easier to do our work and be the person that we want to be. However, when things are in discord, it can have severe reparations your everyday life and work life. Work illnesses can be so severe that it makes it impossible to earn a wage like you once could.

Scaffold injuries often befall construction workers

Manual labor jobs will test your strength, will and endurance. Sometimes they will even test your health and well-being. Many construction workers in Ohio are injured every year at work. Some are the victim of scaffold injuries. Scaffold injuries are common for construction workers because they are often working on or around the area where scaffold is set up.

You were hurt at work, but can you claim workers' comp benefits?

Like many other Ohio workers, you probably understand that there are certain benefits available to you in the event that you suffer an injury in the workplace. Workers' compensation insurance is to support individuals who suffer injuries at work or who become ill as a result of their jobs. However, there are times when certain work injuries are not actually compensable.

Social Security disability may be an option for long-term injury

Finding yourself in poor health is never an ideal situation. It can make it difficult to do much of anything including work and enjoy leisure time with loved ones and friends. If your injury has persisted one year or more, you may be wondering about the potential long-term possibility of living this version of your life. Finding a way to make ends meet can feel impossible if you aren't able to work due to your injury or health condition.

Man dies in work accident with lift in Ohio

For those who work in industrial jobs, freight or other physically demanding positions, the risk of injury at work is significantly higher. That's why safety regulations are training are more readily available and implemented in hopes of preventing any workplace injury or death. Sadly, a man at work on a lift in Ohio fell from the lift and passed away.

What is 'remain at work' under Ohio workers' compensation?

Being injured or made ill on the job is always a difficult situation to assess. There are common concerns such as how long the problem will last, what the medical considerations are, what can happen if the workers cannot get back to the same job, what the financial situation will be and more. Workers' compensation benefits are in place to help Ohio workers make ends meet financially and get the medical care they need. However, it is important to understand that each worker's circumstances are different. Not all workers fit in the same category, so it is vital to know that the workers' compensation benefits can be tailored -- within reason -- to suit the individual.