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June 2018 Archives

Work-related depression and recovering workers' compensation

We all get stressed out from time to time. Maybe it's a broken vehicle, a major project at work, a college final, a baby on the way or a marriage ending. No matter what the event is, stress has the tendency of growing and taking over one's life if they do not properly address the stress they are dealing with. Take work-related stress for example. This can easily cause a worker to deal with ongoing anxiety if nothing is changed in the work environment. Once anxiety sets in, and nothing is done to better the issue, a worker might develop work-related depression.

Health care workers and the increased chance of a work injury

If you are a health care worker in Ohio, you understand there are certain risks involved with this specific type of occupation. Doctors, nurses, technicians and others involved with the care and health of others often suffer injuries and face threats to their own safety and well-being while at work.

What are the four most common types of construction accidents?

Everything around us is constantly improving. Improvements can be seen in technology, the Internet, automobiles and even the way we do things. And much like the things we used on a daily basis, the roads we drive on and buildings we go into are being built, repaired and enhanced. This results in an ever-increasing amount of construction projects going on in Ohio and other states across the nation.

Workplace injuries and getting help with behavior issues

Being involved in a workplace accident is tough to overcome. Not only has an employee suffered an injury and harm, but they may not be able to work while they recover from the injuries suffered. This can be a difficult situation to cope with, as a job is a person's ability to pay for their basic needs. Thus, an injured worker may be dealing with much more that the immediate injuries suffered in the work accident.

Common types of construction injuries

Some jobs hold potential risks while others are inherently dangerous. No matter the work environment, however, employees should be aware of the risks associated with their position. While safety equipment is often offered and training is provided, this does not always mean these are most up-to-date. In fact, if an employer does not take necessary steps to ensure risks and dangers are guarded against, this could pose some issues for them in the event of a workplace accident causing injuries.

Why are workers' compensation claims denied?

While we don't often think about being injured in the workplace, it is comforting to know that there are options available. Even though many workers in Ohio have had no encounters with the workers' compensation system, many are aware of its purpose and availability to employees if they are injured on-the-job or suffered a work-related illness. Although it seems straightforward when it comes to applying for workers' compensation, the fact is that employee applicants can still be denied these benefits.