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April 2018 Archives

Treatment and diagnostic advancements for mesothelioma

As a previous post highlighted, workers in Ohio and elsewhere could be subjected to harmful conditions in the workplace. In some cases, this means that he or she is breathing in harmful particles, causing the worker to suffer a serious workplace illness. While no one expects to be diagnosed with mesothelioma, the unfortunate reality is that a worker could be diagnosed with this serious, life-threatening illness.

Is the bruise you noticed a sign of elder abuse?

No adult child of aging parents in Ohio or anywhere wants to imagine their loved one suffering neglect or abuse at the hands of a care provider. Whether you are currently researching nursing homes to help transition an elderly loved one to an assisted living lifestyle or have already helped them settle into a new residence, there are certain things to which you'll want to pay close attention to ensure that he or she is getting high-quality care.

What are the risk factors for asbestos-related lung disease?

It is public knowledge in Canton and elsewhere that smoking can cause lung diseases. In fact, even when individuals breathe in second-hand smoke, they are at risk for developing lung cancer. But there are other environments and situations that could increase a person's risk of this disease. Unfortunately, the work environment could pose dangers and risks when it comes to developing this type of workplace illness.

Recovering workers' compensation after a workplace illness

No matter how hard one tries, we all get sick at some point. While this typically means a cold, the flu or some bug going around, other individuals suffer more serious ailments because of the work environment they work in. Work-related illnesses can be very serious, causing employees to miss time at work because they need to begin major medical treatment plans. While one may not think they are at risk of such illnesses, the reality is that such an event could plague anyone in Ohio.

Easing the SSD benefits application and appeals process

With modern technology, we are often spoiled by the ability to do things with a click of a button. While we wish everything in life could be quick and easy, this is not always the case. For those living with a disability, applying for Social Security disability benefits is not quick and easy. Even after the application process is complete, this does not mean everything is all said and done. In fact, because many initial applications for SSD benefits are denied, many applicants can expect to go through the appeals process.