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Our Firm’s History

Brian Law Offices was founded in 1983 originally as Cranston and Brian, Co., L.P.A., when Thomas Cranston and Richard Brian, formerly associates with R.E. Goforth Co., L.P.A., formed a new partnership.

At the time, Richard Goforth, located in New Philadelphia, Ohio, practiced workers’ compensation exclusively. Tom and Rich opened their first office in Canton, Ohio, and focused primarily on workers’ compensation but added Social Security Disability and personal injury practice areas. Eventually, additional offices were opened in Alliance, Salem and Akron.

In 1989, Steven Brian, Rich’s brother, joined the firm and took over all litigation responsibilities. In 1991, Cranston and Brian was dissolved and Brian and Brian, Attorneys at Law, was founded. Later the firm name was changed to Brian Law Offices.

In 2000, Brian Law Offices merged with R.E. Goforth, Co., L.P.A., bringing Rich and Richard Goforth back together. Richard Goforth passed away in 2006. In 2007, Brian Law Offices merged with yet another workers’ compensation practice, O’Meara Law Offices in New Philadelphia. Today, Brian Law Offices has fully staffed offices in North Canton, New Philadelphia and Wooster. Read more about our attorneys by following this link.

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Our attorneys and professional staff are committed to helping the injured and disabled throughout Ohio obtain the benefits they deserve. Please send us an email or call us at 800-785-5790 to schedule a free consultation.