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May 2020 Archives

Can you get workers' compensation for skin cancer?

People in professions where they spend long hours outdoors in the heat and sun should be given plenty of opportunities to take breaks either inside or in the shade and should have plenty of water and other hydrating beverages available. They should wear protective head coverings, clothing and sunscreen to prevent sunburn. As part of their obligation to protect their employees' health and safety, employers should these and other items to help minimize the harmful effects of the sun.

Violence is among the leading causes of workplace deaths

Did you know that the fourth leading cause of workplace-related deaths is assault? That's according to the National Safety Council. "Assault" covers not just physical assault, but all forms of workplace violence, including shootings, stabbings and arson. In 2018, nearly 21,000 injuries from workplace violence were reported. Over 450 people were killed.

Are you working in a toxic hospital environment?

Keeping Ohio hospitals up and running involves many more people than just the doctors, nurses and other licensed medical workers. For instance, you may be one of thousands of people who work in the health care industry as a maintenance employee. Not only is pushing heavy cleaning carts around for hours on end a tiresome job, it can take a toll on your knees and back as well.

Why 'contact with objects' injuries are often preventable

If you look at any list of the most common workplace injuries, you'll likely see "contact with objects" near the top. This may sound rather innocuous, but it includes a host of injuries -- many of which can be serious and even fatal.