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November 2017 Archives

The challenges of obtaining disability for fibromyalgia

Sometimes your job requires superhuman abilities. You work unreasonable hours, sometimes never seeing the light of day. You are on your feet constantly, moving from patient to patient, following the orders of the doctors and the whims of the patients. You take no end of abuse, but your main objective is to provide compassionate care to those who are suffering. You love your job despite its downfalls.

Work related depression and workers' compensation

We all feel a little down and upset sometimes. While this can be entirely normal and appropriate for certain situations, if an individual in placed under serious stress or is suffering from anxiety, this could result in depression. Many employees in Ohio and elsewhere experience this issue. It is difficult to deal with the challenges and stress of the workplace, especially if they do not have the ability or access to self-care. In the end, this situation can make it difficult or even impossible for a worker to continue working.

What are the eligibility requirements for SSD benefits?

Whether it is due to an illness or an injury, living with a disability can be challenging for those suffering from the disability as well as their loved ones. Thus, many individuals in Ohio and elsewhere that develop a disabling condition because of the environment he or she work in certain ways to better their situation. The Social Security Administration designed the Social Security disability program as a means to help disabled individuals meet their basic needs while they are unable to work because of a disability.

Helping you apply for SSD benefits

For those of us that have to work to provide for yourself or family, it can be utterly devastating when you are physically, mentally or emotionally unable to work. A sudden onset of a disability or the worsening of an already existing disability can make it difficult or even impossible to maintain a job. Thus, these individuals should understand what options they have when it comes to obtaining financial assistance for their disability that prevents them from working.

The dangers of working in a hospital

Hospitals are places where people turn for healing and help when dealing with serious medical issues, but for the individuals who provide these services, hospitals can be quite dangerous. Ohio health care workers face various types of risks and threats to their safety every time they clock in at work. As a hospital worker, if you suffered an injury because of your job, you could have the right to workers' compensation benefits.

Growing cause of work-related lung disease

When we get hired for a position or venture to work every day, we do not think about the potential risks and dangers we might encounter. Even if some of these risks are apparent and inherent in the place of employment, employees do not think about this on a daily basis. Nonetheless, the daily exposure to certain work environment dangers could add up over time. For example, in certain industries employees are likely to breathe in toxins in the air. While the small amounts exposed to each day does not amount to much, but over a course of years or decades, this could develop into a serious and even deadly workplace illness.