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Man dies in work accident with lift in Ohio

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2019 | Workplace Injuries |

For those who work in industrial jobs, freight or other physically demanding positions, the risk of injury at work is significantly higher. That’s why safety regulations are training are more readily available and implemented in hopes of preventing any workplace injury or death. Sadly, a man at work on a lift in Ohio fell from the lift and passed away.

There were only a few details released about the incident, and the man was pronounced dead at the scene. He was loading freight using an industrial lift machine to lift items into the air onto a platform. According to a witness, the man then attempted to step onto the vehicle to unload it while it was in the air. Suddenly, the load shifted, and it caused the man to fall roughly 30 feet onto the concrete floor below.

When fatal workplace accidents occur, it is likely that an investigation will be done to determine exactly what contributed to the fatality. Workplace fatalities could be caused by equipment malfunction, employee error, failure to train an employee or any other long list of reasons. It takes time to determine exactly what factors are relevant in a workplace death.

Oftentimes, work accidents are attributed to employer negligence, whether wholly or partially. There are many safety regulations that employers are required to uphold. And for good reason, because these regulations help prevent workplace accidents and death. Workplace injuries aren’t limited to those who work in construction or manufacturing. Even “white-collar” workers can suffer a workplace injury, despite safety precautions. When a worker is injured on the job, they will want to explore their legal options for compensation if they incur medical expenses and must take time off the job.