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Work illness can be truly debilitating

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2019 | Workplace Illness |

When our body and mind are working together in perfect health and harmony, it makes it much easier to do our work and be the person that we want to be. However, when things are in discord, it can have severe reparations your everyday life and work life. Work illnesses can be so severe that it makes it impossible to earn a wage like you once could.

A work illness could come on in a variety of ways. It could have been something a worker was exposed to once or repeatedly in their work environment that caused the illness. These situations are serious and can have lasting effects on a person’s life. That’s why those suffering under the stress and hardship of work illness should seek answers as to what to do next.

The professionals at Brian Zwick Stone & Associates take the hardships of work illness seriously. Long-term medical care may be necessary and the personal effects can be on going. This is why an instance of workplace illness shouldn’t be taken lightly. Long-term illnesses could allow one to seek social security disability if the illness is expected to cause a disability for more than one year. Short-term disabilities may be more suitable for workers’ comp.

One should note that it’s possible to file a personal injury suit and may be necessary in some cases; however, most workplace illnesses fall under workers’ compensation or Social Security disability. Finding the path that is the best course forward in a difficult situation can be found with the right choice and determination to make them.