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March 2020 Archives

Disability benefits and ulcerative colitis

People in Ohio with ulcerative colitis may find the effects of their disorder so painful and disabling that they are unable to work. They might winder if they could be approved for Social Security Disability benefits on the basis of their diagnosed condition. Like other types of digestive disorders, ulcerative colitis may qualify a sufferer for disability benefits depending on their overall health condition, their functional limitations and their work history and skills. There is a disability listing for adult disorders of the digestive system, including ulcerative colitis as well as inflammatory bowel disease or gastrointestinal hemorrhage.

Applying for SSD benefits with migraines

People in Ohio who struggle with migraine headaches may find that their pain prevents them from working effectively or even from doing their job at all. They may be unable to keep a job due to the recurring effects of migraines. As a result, they might look to Social Security Disability to provide benefits that could replace their income due to their disability. While there is no specific Social Security Administration impairment listing related to migraines, this condition can lead to a legitimate award of disability benefits.

A brain injury is a life-changing event

In the flash of a moment, life changed. You heard the news that your loved one had been in an accident, or perhaps you were involved in the crash too. At the hospital, doctors informed you that your loved one had suffered a brain injury, and your imagination may have had no way to prepare you for what to expect.

Shaming companies leads to fewer violations

Between 2009 and 2017, companies in Ohio and throughout the country that incurred serious OSHA violations would be named in a press release. According to one study conducted by an economist from Duke, the policy of publicly shaming violators helped to curtail violations. Specifically, the study found that there was a 73% decrease in violations incurred by companies located within 5 kilometers of a major violator that was publicly shamed.

OSHA schedules 2020 Safety Stand-Down for May 4-8

Construction employers in Ohio should be aware that OSHA has scheduled its annual National Safety Stand-Down for May 4 to 8, 2020. OSHA has held this voluntary event for seven years in a row in the effort to raise employers' awareness of the number one killer in the construction industry: falls.