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April 2019 Archives

Are back injuries common workplace injuries?

As we age, our body becomes less like it was during our youth. People may not be as fast as they once were, their metabolism may be slower and they are likely to experience more pain and aches in their joints and other body parts. While some of this is simply due to individuals in Ohio and elsewhere getting older, it could also be related to a person's work environment. Take, for example, back pain. This could be related to how a person is standing, sitting and moving in the workplace and could be categorized as a workplace injury.

Health care's dirty little secret: Violence against nurses

Being a nurse is a tough but often rewarding occupation. Those who choose it understand they will make sacrifices and face risks as a result. As a nurse, you may have believed that the injuries or illnesses you suffer would come from lifting patients, accidentally pricking yourself with a needle, or exposure to biological materials or bloodborne pathogens.

DOL rule changes could impact retired nuclear workers

It is true that some work industries are more dangerous than others. And, because of these known risks, workers are often aware of the harm they could suffer. Even with this knowledge and safety measures in place, workers could still suffer workplace illnesses.

Asbestos exposure and workplace illnesses

Workers in Ohio and elsewhere can encounter a wide range of risks in the workplace. For some, the greatest risk may be what a worker is breathing in. It may not be immediately apparent that an individual is breathing in something harmful. However, over time, a worker could develop a serious workplace illness. Being exposed to asbestos over time, for example, could result in serious harm to a worker, even causing them to no longer be able to work while undergoing medical treatment.

What is "compassionate allowance"?

When our readers think of a serious illness, they probably think of a person being diagnosed suddenly then going through a long battle with treatment. However, in some cases, the condition is so severe that a person does not have a long fight, as they may not have much time. A sudden diagnosis of a serious medical condition can impact individuals in Ohio and elsewhere in more than a few ways. While a person's health is depreciating, it can be difficult and likely impossible to work. This can add to an already challenging time where medical bills are accumulating. This is where a "compassionate allowance" can come into play.