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June 2019 Archives

Worker in Ohio killed in accident at plant

Maintaining a steady income is necessary for most people and, when a worker is injured, this can significantly impact a person's ability to work and pay bills. What is even more pressing is the fact that some workplace accidents can be so severe that they can result in the death of a worker. This can cause surviving family members to not only suffer the loss of a loved one, but also the income that they relied on.

What can you do if your family suspects abuse or neglect?

Before you made the choice to place your loved one in an Ohio nursing home, you probably spent a significant amount of time researching and planning. Paying a facility to care for someone you love who is in a vulnerable state is a major choice, and it's an important decision for any family. With the trust you place in the home and the people who work there, it can be devastating to learn that your loved one received less-than-quality care.

How common is work-related depression?

Employees in Ohio and elsewhere think of their workplace as a safe space. Whether a person is working in an office setting or in construction, for example, employees in all industries are under the impression that employers have taken the time to ensure the safety of their employees. When an employer fails to uphold this duty, a worker could suffer harm. This could be a physical injury, emotional trauma and even a permanent health condition.

The determination process for SSD benefits

Suffering a severe injury or receiving a sudden diagnosis of a serious health condition can shake a person's world. An individual in Ohio and elsewhere is not only faced with the pain associated with these conditions but also the impact it has on a person's ability to lead their normal life. For some, an injury or illness is so severe that it is considered disabling. This ultimately can make it difficult or even impossible to maintain a job or even care for him or herself.

Helping you secure the SSD benefits you are entitled to

The inability to work can be a scary thought. No one expects to suddenly be unable to work because of an injury or illness. However, workers in Ohio and elsewhere can be faced with this issue. When a worker cannot maintain employment because of an injury or illness, it can be an emotional and overwhelming experience. It can cause financial problems, making it difficult to meet basic living needs. This is where Social Security Disability benefits can be of much value.