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December 2019 Archives

Disability benefits may be available for mental conditions

Social Security disability can help disabled individuals with some of the challenges they face when they are unable to work because of a disabling medical condition. To qualify for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits, the disabled individual may suffer from either a physical or mental medical condition that prevents them from working.

How workers' comp can help injured construction workers

When a construction worker has suffered harm as a result of a construction accident, they should know how to take care of themselves and the different resources available to help them do that. Workers' compensation can help injured workers through the challenges they face after being hurt on the job.

Disabling arthritis may qualify you for Social Security benefits

No one has ever accused you of slacking on the job. In fact, the fast pace and physical demands may be exactly what motivate you to push yourself at work. Whether you love your Ohio job or you simply need the money, the thought of a physical disability preventing you from earning a living may be difficult for you to imagine.

Help for workers suffering with repetitive stress injuries

Repetitive stress injuries can cause daily pain and suffering for workers while they are trying to earn a living. It is important for injured workers suffering with a repetitive stress injury to understand what repetitive stress injuries are and the different types of help available to them if they are suffering with a repetitive stress injury caused by their work.

Caring for a workplace illness

Workers suffering from a workplace illness can be in a difficult position as they are unable to work whilw face mounting medical bills to care for their occupational illness. It is essential for workers impacted by a workplace illness to know how they can get the help they need with lost wages and their medical expenses.