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February 2020 Archives

Federal standards for lab workers' safety

For lab workers in Ohio, workplace safety can be very important. There are over 500,000 people in the United States working in laboratories, and they may face a number of significant dangers on the job, including chemical, biological and radiological toxins as well as typical concerns about space, comfort and safety in the case of an emergency. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration laboratory standards were created to define ways in which workers in laboratories should be protected, including employees in research labs, chemical storage facilities, waste handling and loading docks for lab facilities.

Contractors turn to supervisors to improve construction safety

A report from Dodge Data & Analytics has shown how more construction contractors in Ohio and across the U.S. are emphasizing worker participation and the leading role of supervisors in their effort to improve safety. Job site workers and supervisors are related to the top four factors that most contractors brought up as being essential to safety.

Did your love one suffer from bedsores?

When you found a suitable nursing care facility for your parent, you likely assumed the staff would be attentive to your loved one's routine needs as well as any medical issues. This may include help with daily tasks like bathing, changing clothes and getting to the bathroom. If your loved one was ill or bedridden, assistance with these actions that most people take for granted may be even more important.

How employers can prevent fall injuries and deaths

OSHA updated its workplace safety rules in 2016, and it's still citing employers for violations of fall protection guidelines, which are the most common violations that the safety organization continues to see. Fatal falls account for 33% of all fatalities in the construction industry in Ohio and across the U.S. An estimated $70 billion in medical costs and workers' compensation benefits are paid out in connection with work-related falls annually.