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February 2018 Archives

Silicosis exposure in the workplace: Are you at risk?

Ohio readers know some jobs come with more risk than others. Construction, manufacturing and other intensive labor jobs may come with a higher chance that the men and women who work in these industries will suffer a workplace injury. Some jobs also come with the possibility that an employee will face exposure to dangerous and toxic substances. 

Understanding workers' compensation benefits

Working away from home is fairly typical for residents in Ohio and elsewhere. When working in certain work environments, though, some dangers are present. These could unfortunately result in a worker suffering from a workplace illness or injury. When these incidents tragically befall upon a worker, they have the ability to determine their rights and options when it comes to filing for and collecting workers' compensation benefits.

Number of people dying waiting for SSD benefits rising

No one expects to become injured or ill; thus, they do not expect to become disabled by these injuries or illnesses. And certainly, one does not expect to have to wait a long time to obtain benefits to help them through the financial hardships caused by his or her disability. Unfortunately, those who are seeking Social Security disability benefits or are waiting to appeal a denial will have to wait. For some, this means waiting longer than they have time to.

How are work-related back injuries treated in Ohio?

Ohio is home to a wide variety of risky jobs. Whether it is mining, construction or factory work, these workers are faced with high risks and dangers on a daily basis. Thus, when a worker is harmed, he or she likely takes the steps to remedy the injury, seeking to fully recover. However, when a worker is seriously injured, this could present some issues, especially when they are not able to obtain the best treatment possible for their injury.

Understanding your SSD benefits and rights

Suffering from a disabling injury or illness is not only unexpected, it is also a challenging event that can significantly alter the life of the inflicted. One never expects to be labeled as disabled, and they certainly do not expect to endure the impacts a disability can have on the many facets in life. Being unable to work is not only difficult to accept, it also presents financial challenges because money is no longer coming in. In order to offset these financial setbacks, disabled individuals frequently apply for Social Security disability benefits.