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Ohio's miners face numerous hazards in their line of work

Every industry comes with certain risks to employees, but some have more serious hazards than others. Ohio miners probably understand that their line of work puts them in harm's way nearly every day.

Perhaps two of the most frightening conditions involve collapse and fire. These dangers can come from a variety of sources discussed below. When these emergencies occur, the devastation can cause serious injuries and death.

Securing workers' compensation after a workplace injury

Despite the fact that most workers are well-acquainted with their own workplace, this does not make a worker immune from dangers and potential hazards. No matter how long a worker has been at an employer or in a certain industry, accidents could occur, causing a worker to suffer serious injuries.

Individuals work to make an income, but they do not expect to have an incident at work prevent them from making an income. A workplace injury can significantly impact a person's life, making it important to understand how best to move forward. At our law firm, we understand the overwhelming troubles a person might encounter following a workplace injury. We are dedicated to helping our clients understand what their options are.

What is the difference between SSDI and SSI?

One understands that debilitating injuries and illnesses exist; however, one never thinks that such a condition would impact them. Unfortunately, disability can plague individuals in Ohio and elsewhere suddenly due to a work accident, workplace illness or other related incidents. One is often not prepared to deal with the aftermath after being told he or she is permanently or temporarily disabled. Even more so, the financial hardships this can cause can b significant and difficult to overcome.

Fortunately, those living with a disability may be able to offset these financial hardships by applying for Social Security disability. Depending on one's situation, he or she could qualify for one or two or both programs. These programs are designed to help those living with a qualifying disability and are unable to work. One could seek Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI or Supplemental Security Income or SSI.

Bill introduced to help retired coal miners

As a previously discussed here, miners in Ohio and elsewhere face dangers to their health because of the environment they work in. Work-related lung diseases could occur, and miners that suffer such a fate are often left dealing with serious health issues. This can become problematic over time, as the worker is likely to require frequent and ongoing medical treatment, making it difficult to maintain their job.

The impact of lung disease on miners is apparent. Various legislation has been passed over the years to specifically address these health concerns and workplace illnesses suffered by miners. Based on recent reports, a new bill is in the works. This bill specifically aims to assist retired coal miners.

Occupational illnesses and the mining industry

A job is not only just a career, but is also a way of life. No matter the type of job a person has or what industry he or she works in, having a job means having a steady income. While working is important to individuals in Ohio and elsewhere, it is important to note how certain occupations could have an impact on a person's health. Because of some work environments, a worker's lungs could be significantly impacted, even causing a lung disease.

For the coal mining industry, it is well-noted that it is harmful to inhale the dust particles in the work environment. While safety legislation has been passed as far back as the 1960s to address these health and safety concerns, miners are still suffering from lung diseases. Since the 1990s, there has been a significant increase in lung disease, most of it documented among young workers.

What are the causes of ladder accidents?

Construction projects usually require significant planning, manpower and tools to complete. While much time and effort is put forth to ensure that these projects are started on time and efficiently completed, issues and problems could arise. One of these could be a construction accident. While the causes of a construction worker accident can be numerous, falls tend to be a major culprit. One cause of a fall could be due to a ladder.

What are the causes of ladder accidents? Based on current statistics, more than 90,000 people are treated in emergency departments each year because of a ladder-related injury. Roughly 700 occupational deaths occur each year because of an elevated fall from a ladder. Even more so, these deaths account for 15 percent of all occupational deaths occurring in the U.S.

Do you work outdoors? You could be at risk for cold stress

If you work outdoors, you know that the winter months can be brutally cold in Ohio. From wind and temperatures near freezing to accumulating snow, you likely understand how difficult it may be to do your job in extreme elements. In many cases, snow and low temperatures are much more than just an inconvenience for you -- they may be a threat to your health.

One of the most common effects of working outdoors in the cold weather is suffering from the implications of cold stress. Employers have the responsibility of ensuring workers are safe, and this includes carefully monitoring those who work outdoors and providing support and training. The negative health effects of cold stress are preventable, and each worker deserves to know how to stay safe while doing his or her job.

Getting through the SSD application process

Many individuals in Ohio and elsewhere take care of their health and wellbeing so that they do not suffer a medical condition or injury that could significantly impact the way they live their lives. And, while it is important to take proactive steps for one's health, this cannot guard a person from any and all illnesses and injuries. This is especially true when it comes to suffering a workplace injury or occupational illness. These matters could leave a worker severely injured, making it hard to manage daily life and even maintain a job.

Even when a disabled worker is confident that they will be approved for Social Security Disability benefits, the application process can seem overwhelming. Applicants may not fully understand everything that is required and, if something is overlooked, the application could be immediately denied.

Laws help address exposure to carcinogens by firefighters

Getting up and going to work is a fairly routine task for those in Ohio and elsewhere. While some workers may be heading to an office, others are going to a more dangerous work environment. When a workplace presents more hazards, a worker is exposed to more risks. Take firefighters, for example. This career holds many risks, which includes interacting with fire and smoke. Overtime, these dangers in the work environment could present health risks.

Being diagnosed with throat cancer is a terrifying and shocking event. It is also a puzzling event when the three main causes, smoking cigarettes, chewing tobacco and drinking excessively, do not apply to you. However, for those working as a firefighter, this diagnosis is likely job-related.

Workplace could cause mental illness

For many individuals in Ohio and elsewhere, work gives them purpose. While a career is necessary for most individuals, it can be a source of more than just an income. However, work can also have negative impacts on workers, such as the cause of mental illness. This can be extremely overwhelming, as mental health problems could make it challenging to handle a daily routine and even be able to work.

While the workplace can have a positive impact on a person's life, it can also be the source of high stress levels. Over time, stress can become challenging to manage, even making it difficult to attend work. Work stress can essentially cause a worker to be unable to work for a period of time.