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You were hurt at work, but can you claim workers' comp benefits?

Like many other Ohio workers, you probably understand that there are certain benefits available to you in the event that you suffer an injury in the workplace. Workers' compensation insurance is to support individuals who suffer injuries at work or who become ill as a result of their jobs. However, there are times when certain work injuries are not actually compensable.

How can you know if your employer's workers' compensation insurance will cover you? How do you know if you have valid grounds for a claim? It is in your interests to understand how the claims process works and what you can do in case you ever need to file a claim. When you understand your rights, you can better protect yourself in the event you suffer an injury at your workplace.

Social Security disability may be an option for long-term injury

Finding yourself in poor health is never an ideal situation. It can make it difficult to do much of anything including work and enjoy leisure time with loved ones and friends. If your injury has persisted one year or more, you may be wondering about the potential long-term possibility of living this version of your life. Finding a way to make ends meet can feel impossible if you aren't able to work due to your injury or health condition.

Social Security disability exists to bridge the gap for those who are suffering from health issues. Poor health tends to get in their way of working and earning a living wage. If you're looking at Social Security disability for the first time, this is likely all new to you. You may be confused about how the process works, the questions you're asked and how to adequately prove that you qualify to receive disability benefits.

Man dies in work accident with lift in Ohio

For those who work in industrial jobs, freight or other physically demanding positions, the risk of injury at work is significantly higher. That's why safety regulations are training are more readily available and implemented in hopes of preventing any workplace injury or death. Sadly, a man at work on a lift in Ohio fell from the lift and passed away.

There were only a few details released about the incident, and the man was pronounced dead at the scene. He was loading freight using an industrial lift machine to lift items into the air onto a platform. According to a witness, the man then attempted to step onto the vehicle to unload it while it was in the air. Suddenly, the load shifted, and it caused the man to fall roughly 30 feet onto the concrete floor below.

What is 'remain at work' under Ohio workers' compensation?

Being injured or made ill on the job is always a difficult situation to assess. There are common concerns such as how long the problem will last, what the medical considerations are, what can happen if the workers cannot get back to the same job, what the financial situation will be and more. Workers' compensation benefits are in place to help Ohio workers make ends meet financially and get the medical care they need. However, it is important to understand that each worker's circumstances are different. Not all workers fit in the same category, so it is vital to know that the workers' compensation benefits can be tailored -- within reason -- to suit the individual.

One benefit workers can use is "remain at work." With remain at work, an employee who can stay on the job as they recover. There are criteria that must be met. The injured worker can only have a medical claim meaning they missed seven or fewer days of work because of the injury. They must remain at work but have difficulty and are at risk of needing time off again. The Managed Care Organization (MCO) oversees the remain at work program.

What if my SSD benefits are up for review?

When an Ohio resident is injured, ill or suffers from a medical condition and seeks Social Security disability benefits, being approved is an undeniable relief. These benefits are useful to make ends meet and to get the medical care necessary. However, there will be continuing disability reviews to ensure the person should continue getting SSD benefits. It can be concerning to have a disability review, but it does not mean the benefits will stop.

Does workers' compensation allow for appeals with medical care?

Ohio workers who are injured on the job and need medical treatment will use their workers' compensation benefits to receive it. Medical expenses and lost wages are covered under workers' compensation. If there are no disputes regarding the injuries and the employer or insurer approves the workers' compensation benefits, there should be no problem. The proper treatment is imperative to the worker getting back to full health and, if possible, getting back on the job.

Still, not every case is the same and there can be disagreements regarding various aspects of a workers' compensation claim in relation to the injuries. If there is a dispute between the worker and the insurer or employer about a decision on the workers' compensation claim, knowing how to appeal is key. Treatment decisions are made by the managed care organization (MCO). When there is a disagreement, the worker can use the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process.

Do you know the causes behind most car accidents?

A car accident can change your life in an instant. One moment you may be driving to pick up dinner, and the next you may be sitting in a damaged vehicle after another Ohio driver crashed into you. In fact, you may not be sure exactly what happened or what you should do next. It's not easy to pick up the pieces and move forward after an auto collision.

If you are the victim of a car accident, you will want to find out more about what led to your accident and what you can do next. It may help to look at the most common causes of car accidents and how they happen. As a victim of the reckless or negligent actions of another person, you have the right to pursue appropriate compensation through a personal injury claim.

Worker in Ohio suffers second-degree chemical burn on-the-job

It is important to remember that not all injuries in the workplace involve heavy machinery or repetitive stress injuries. For example, a workplace accident occurred at the Addipel resin pellits facility in Elyria, Ohio, in which a worker suffered burn injuries following a chemical mixing incident. Workers were mixing several chemicals, including crodamide, akawax-c powder, cellcom-obsh and vicrom. The chemical mixture reacted, causing the worker to be burned.

When firefighters arrived at the facility, there was a great amount of smoke, although the smoke did not pose a hazard to rescue crews. In addition, the chemicals at issue did not pose a risk to the area in which the incident occurred. The worker at issue suffered second-degree burns and was taken to a local medical facility. The incident is being investigated.

Suffering heat illness in the work environment

With the summer heat setting in, many residents in Ohio are enjoying the warm weather. While it is typically ideal weather to spend time at the beach, it is not always ideal for workers when they spend eight plus hours outdoors in the heat. Spending long periods of time in the heat can be dangerous for workers, causing heat stress. This could ultimately lead to injuries or illnesses requiring medical treatment for the worker.

Both the construction and agricultural industries are known to require workers to spend extended hours outdoors, sometimes in the extreme elements. No matter the industry a person works in, however, it is important to understand how heat stress could impact an employee. Even more so, it is critical to explore how heat stress could give rise to a workers' compensation action.

Worker in Ohio killed in accident at plant

Maintaining a steady income is necessary for most people and, when a worker is injured, this can significantly impact a person's ability to work and pay bills. What is even more pressing is the fact that some workplace accidents can be so severe that they can result in the death of a worker. This can cause surviving family members to not only suffer the loss of a loved one, but also the income that they relied on.

According to recent reports, a worker was killed at a renewable fuel plan in Bluffton. The workplace accident took place during the morning hours while the Ohio man was performing maintenance on an auger. It was reported that he was an outside contractor working for a company hired by the plant.