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Rear-end collisions are avoidable tragedies

If you have ever had another vehicle hit yours from behind, you are not alone. Rear-end collisions are the most common accidents that occur on the roads. You may be fortunate if yours is just a fender bender, but in many cases, a crash from behind can be quite serious.

While there may be some circumstances in which it is impossible to avoid colliding with the vehicle in front of you, rear-end collisions are almost always preventable through the careful driving and attention of the driver in the vehicle behind.

What types of injuries can construction workers suffer?

The construction industry can be a dangerous industry to work in. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, of 3.3. million injuries and illnesses reported in 2009, 9% involved construction workers. As a result, it is essential for injured construction workers to be familiar with the options available to them if they are injured on the job and the types of construction accident injuries they may suffer.

Falls are one of the most common construction accident injuries construction workers may suffer. They may suffer falls from scaffolding, cranes, roofs, ladders and other heights. In addition, there is a risk a construction worker may be injured by falling objects from above that were not properly secured. Construction equipment-related accidents are also an injury risk for construction workers on construction sites.

Workers' compensation benefits for injured Ohio workers

Ohio workers' compensation benefits can be essential benefits that injured workers need to help them following a workplace injury. Injured workers and their families should be familiar with the different types of benefits available and the application process for workers' compensation benefits.

One of the potentially most important types of workers' compensation benefits available to injured workers in Ohio include benefits for medical care costs and needs. Benefits can include those for hospital care, doctor visits, medication and other medical care expenses. In addition, injured workers can receive compensation for wage loss. Depending on the circumstances and needs of the injured workers, benefits for temporary total disability, permanent partial disability and permanent total disability are available. In addition to benefits for injured workers, death benefits may be available through workers' compensation to surviving family members following a fatal workplace accident.

Ohio construction worker dies from fall

It's horrible to hear about anyone who died while working. Workers who die this way start the day just like any other, but they never return home to their families. For some, these instances are personal, with a construction workers' accidents hitting close to home and taking the life of a loved one. Recently, an Ohio construction worker was found dead at work after a fall from a roof.

The news report indicated that the man could have fallen anytime between 7:00am and 8:30am. The time of the fall is unclear as no one witnessed the fall, he was working alone on that side of the building when it occurred. The fire chief claimed that the worker was a wearing a safety harness, but was not hooked up to a lanyard.

Long-term disability could qualify for Social Security disability

When it comes to achieving health and well-being, suffering a major health event is rarely anything anyone expects. However, when illness or injury strikes, it can leave a person in a fragile position in terms of their health. Sometimes these incidents will heal after treatment, physical therapy or other medical care. However, some will leave a person's health less than whole for one year or longer.

If a health change has left you disabled and unable to work for a year or more, you likely are wondering about your options. If you've worked most your life, you have likely contributed wages by means of tax from your paycheck. They are known as work credits, and if you've earned enough by contribution, SSD benefits can become available to the disabled and unable to work.

Filing a workers' comp claim? Watch your Facebook status

Like many in Ohio and throughout the world, you may be a regular user of social media. Perhaps you check for notifications and update your status before you even get out of bed, during your breaks at work and as soon as you get off work.

This is the modern way to stay connected, and it has its benefits. However, if you are in the middle of a workers' compensation claim, it may be wise to curb your social media presence. Some employees are finding that employers and insurers are using workers' posts on Facebook and other sites as evidence to deny claims for workers' compensation.

Do injured workers have rights to vocational rehabilitation?

After suffering a debilitating and life-altering work injury, a worker and their family can find their lives turned upside down. In addition to all the physical symptoms and emotional burdens accompanying the injury, they may find themselves in a terrible financial crisis. However, there are resources available to injured workers to help them get back on their feet after work injury.

Many are aware of workers' compensation which gives the right to seek compensation benefits for up to one year when unable to work after injury. However, there are other potential benefits out there workers should have on their radar.

Three Ohio construction workers injured in I-71 crash

They say in the Midwest there are two true seasons: winter and road construction. While this can be lucrative for construction workers (as there is much work to be had) more working hours, ultimately make the risk of construction workers' accidents even more likely. Recently, a group of Ohio construction workers were involved in a crash while working. All workers are expected to recover, but they were treated for injuries.

It happened on Ohio's I-71 just after 9pm. The crew of three men were on the back of a cone truck and setting up a work zone when suddenly a pickup truck struck the cone truck they were working on or beside. A commercial vehicle then hit the pickup truck due to the original collision. A full investigation is on-going to determine more about the factors that led up to the construction workers' accident.

Work illness can be truly debilitating

When our body and mind are working together in perfect health and harmony, it makes it much easier to do our work and be the person that we want to be. However, when things are in discord, it can have severe reparations your everyday life and work life. Work illnesses can be so severe that it makes it impossible to earn a wage like you once could.

A work illness could come on in a variety of ways. It could have been something a worker was exposed to once or repeatedly in their work environment that caused the illness. These situations are serious and can have lasting effects on a person's life. That's why those suffering under the stress and hardship of work illness should seek answers as to what to do next.

Scaffold injuries often befall construction workers

Manual labor jobs will test your strength, will and endurance. Sometimes they will even test your health and well-being. Many construction workers in Ohio are injured every year at work. Some are the victim of scaffold injuries. Scaffold injuries are common for construction workers because they are often working on or around the area where scaffold is set up.

Scaffold injuries can happen for a variety of reasons. It's possible the scaffold wasn't assembled properly. It's also possible that the proper training or safety equipment wasn't provided to the construction workers. The scaffold falling could have been a resulting reaction after another piece of machinery failed. Whatever the case, scaffold injuries could easily take place at construction sites, causing workplace injuries.