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The determination process for SSD benefits

Suffering a severe injury or receiving a sudden diagnosis of a serious health condition can shake a person's world. An individual in Ohio and elsewhere is not only faced with the pain associated with these conditions but also the impact it has on a person's ability to lead their normal life. For some, an injury or illness is so severe that it is considered disabling. This ultimately can make it difficult or even impossible to maintain a job or even care for him or herself.

In order to offset the financial challenges caused by a disability, it is possible to apply for Social Security disability benefits. The application process can seem daunting; however, it is set up to ensure that those seeking these benefits are actually eligible and qualify for them. The process begins by obtaining the application, which can be done in person, by phone, by mail or online. The applicant is to provide information and documentation related to their impairment. This means giving a description, treatment sources and other information related to his or her disability.

Helping you secure the SSD benefits you are entitled to

The inability to work can be a scary thought. No one expects to suddenly be unable to work because of an injury or illness. However, workers in Ohio and elsewhere can be faced with this issue. When a worker cannot maintain employment because of an injury or illness, it can be an emotional and overwhelming experience. It can cause financial problems, making it difficult to meet basic living needs. This is where Social Security Disability benefits can be of much value.

Although the Social Security Administration designed the SSD program to help those living with disabilities, it is not always a simple and quick process. In fact, many applications are initially denied. While this does not mean they will not receive these benefits after appealing the decision, it does mean that applicants are faced with additional steps and a longer timeline to obtain these necessary funds.

What injuries are covered by workers' compensation?

Whether a person works in a dangerous industry or not, there are always some form of risks in the work environment. Those working with heavy machinery may face more risks than those working in an office, but when a worker is injured in the workplace, if it is determined to be work-related, the worker could seek workers' compensation for the resulting damages.

What injuries are covered by workers' compensation? Being injured on the clock or in the work environment does not automatically mean that workers' comp will be awarded to address the injury and damages suffered. In order for an injury to be covered by workers' comp, it must be work-related. This means that the injury occurred while a worker was doing something on behalf of his or her employer or in the course of employment.

Longer shifts tied to an increase in worker injury

Shift work may not be ideal, but you may find that it is the best way to pay the bills. Working long and irregular shifts can take a toll on your physical and mental health, though. Could those long shifts also affect your safety at work? According to a recent study, your chances of suffering a workplace injury are much higher if you work long shifts.

The study focused specifically on miners. However, it is not difficult to see how the information could also apply to workers employed in other industries. After all, many industries require their workers to put in long hours on the job.

Trench collapse at Ohio construction site kills worker

While construction occurs throughout the year, residents in Ohio are likely to see construction project increase during the warm months. And, when the economy is doing better, individuals across the nation see more construction overall, whether it is a new house, building, road construction or improvements to current structures. With the wide array of construction sites comes a large number of construction workers. Even though steps are taken to make these workers safe, construction site accidents still occur, causing harm to those involved.

According to recent reports, a trench collapsed at a construction site of a home in Sugarcreek Township. This accident resulted in the death of a 43-year-old worker. This fatal trench accident makes the third fatal collapse in the area since 2016. A trench collapse death is considered a preventable death because if proper safety measures are followed, such an accident wouldn't occur.

Asbestos exposure in the workplace

Many workers face a wide range of risks every day. While many of these risks are minor and unlikely, others could be serious and common. For certain occupations, there is a risk of harmful exposures. Take asbestos, for example. While it is fairly common to encounter this at least once in a lifetime, long-term exposure to asbestos particles could result in serious and even life-threatening occupational illnesses.

While most workers in Ohio and elsewhere are aware that asbestos exposure has risks, many are unsure how much exposure is harmful. Although the exact amount of time is not known, it typically takes 20 or more years of long-term exposure to cause exposure illnesses. Nonetheless, this does not mean short-term exposure cannot cause harm. There have been cases of workers developing mesothelioma only days after exposure in an area without proper ventilation.

Helping you secure the SSD benefits you deserve

It is not always easy to ask for help. Even those living with disabilities may put off seeking assistance with the hope of being able to make things work out. However, when a person decides to apply for Social Security Disability benefits, this can be an overwhelming process. For some, it is challenging because they are fearful that they will get denied. Others are unsure what is needed in the application process. No matter the reason, those seeking to obtain SSD benefits should understand the process and what can be done to improve their chances of being approved.

Being unable to work because of a disability can pose major financial problems. In order to alleviate these issues, individuals apply for SSD benefits. When individuals are in need of help to meet their basic living needs, this can be an emotional situation. At our law firm, we understand that SSD benefits are heavily relied upon by millions of Americans. It can be devastating to get the news that an application for benefits was denied.

Are back injuries common workplace injuries?

As we age, our body becomes less like it was during our youth. People may not be as fast as they once were, their metabolism may be slower and they are likely to experience more pain and aches in their joints and other body parts. While some of this is simply due to individuals in Ohio and elsewhere getting older, it could also be related to a person's work environment. Take, for example, back pain. This could be related to how a person is standing, sitting and moving in the workplace and could be categorized as a workplace injury.

Are back injuries common workplace injuries? Disorders of the musculoskeletal system are injuries or illnesses that are often the result of overexertion or repetitive motion. These disorders can include soft-tissue injuries, such as sprains, strains, carpal tunnel, tears and hernias. With regards to musculoskeletal injuries that are work-related, the injury that causes the most missed days of work just involved the back.

Health care's dirty little secret: Violence against nurses

Being a nurse is a tough but often rewarding occupation. Those who choose it understand they will make sacrifices and face risks as a result. As a nurse, you may have believed that the injuries or illnesses you suffer would come from lifting patients, accidentally pricking yourself with a needle, or exposure to biological materials or bloodborne pathogens.

All of these scenarios and more do happen, but most nurses either fail to understand or choose to ignore another threat to their health and welfare -- violence from patients and visitors. It happens more often than anyone wants to admit. Understanding the scope of the problem could help keep you safe.

DOL rule changes could impact retired nuclear workers

It is true that some work industries are more dangerous than others. And, because of these known risks, workers are often aware of the harm they could suffer. Even with this knowledge and safety measures in place, workers could still suffer workplace illnesses.

According to reports, recent changes to the Department of Labor rules could result in significant issues for retired nuclear workers in Ohio and elsewhere. Many of these workers developed serious illnesses as a result of continuous and daily exposure to chemicals and materials in the workplace. However, these changes could create hardship for these retired workers seeking healthcare.