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Sexual harassment at work causes women to suffer mental illnesses

Our experiences can shape who we are and how we perceive things. The average employee in Ohio or elsewhere spends 40 hours a week in the workplace, so why wouldn't a worker's experience in the work environment impact them? Unfortunately, some employees have negative and sometimes traumatic experiences in the workplace. This can induce stress, causing the employee to suffer from mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

Based on current studies, women who have suffered sexual harassment in the workplace are more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, eating disorders and even post-traumatic stress disorder when compared to those that have not gone through this experience. This study also discovered that victims were more likely to resort to drinking or drugs as a coping mechanism.

Understanding forklift accidents on a construction site

Construction sites are frequently a work in progress. This means material, tools, machinery and workers are always coming and going. While plans and objectives are put in place for a project, this does not always mean that things go as planned. Although delays happen, often due to weather, simple mishaps and not enough workers, delays could be related to defects in hard machinery used at the site. Defects could mean that the project is at a standstill until it is fixed or replaced. However, a defect could also mean a construction site accident and injured workers.

Forklifts are frequently used at construction sites. They are used to move material and can raise, lower, pickup or drop large objects or a large quantity of smaller objects. While these are very useful and often reliable industrial machinery, if they are not properly used or found to be defective, they could be deadly machines.

Common causes of construction accidents

Risks and dangers are often associated with the things that we do, even if they are small. However, when working in an industry where these dangers and risks are prevalent, it becomes more likely that a serious and even debilitating accident will occur. One of these industries is construction

With over two million workers in the construction industry nationwide, it comes as no surprise that construction accidents occur. Whether they are caused by negligence or health and safety violations, there are risks that are more common than others on a construction site.

Helping injured construction workers seek workers' comp

Going to work is a fairly routine activity for most individuals in Ohio and elsewhere. Many rely on the income derived from a job to pay for his or her basic needs. Thus, when a workplace accident occurs, making it difficult to continue working, it can be difficult or even impossible to meet your financial needs. Thus, it is vital to understand what injured workers can do to offset these damages.

Work accidents might be unexpected but they are often caused by the negligence of another party. Whether an employer is not following health and safety issues or a colleague failed to follow safety standards, a workplace accident could result in serious and life altering injuries.

Avoid post injury complications by researching workers' comp now

No matter what type of work you do in Ohio, you are at risk for injury. Some jobs are undoubtedly more dangerous than others. For instance, you have greater chance of avoiding injury if you work in a dental office than you might if you are a skyscraper window washer in a major Ohio city. Of course, any type of job may lead to an accident; for instance, you might fall down stairs or develop a repetitive stress injury from typing.

The way you earn your income and the type of accident or situation that results in your injury doesn't matter as much as the process that follows in the aftermath of your injury to help you collect benefits through the workers' compensation program. If you work on a railroad, that's a whole other ballgame since the Federal Employers Liability Act may impact your situation. In non-railroad jobs, however, you will likely file a workers' comp claim if you suffer injury in the workplace.

What is the SSD appeals process?

No one expect to suffer an injury or develop an illness or condition. However, such events could plague individuals in Ohio and elsewhere. And when injuries and illnesses stem from the work place, this could make it difficult to continue working. In fact, if an injury or condition is debilitating, it could be impossible to work. While this means the individual is able to take the time to recover and possibly return to their normal life, it also means no longer making an income. Thus, living with a disability can be financially disabling as well as physically and mentally debilitating.

Applying for Social Security disability benefits is a step often taken by those living with disabilities; however, applying for these benefits does not guarantee approval. In fact, many applicants are initially denied benefits. Nonetheless, applicants should understand that a denial is not the end of the road. Reconsideration and appealing the decision is possible.

Disabled workers more likely to work in service occupations

Disabilities can stem from a wide variety of situations. While some are born with them, others can acquire them later in life. A mental condition, a serious illness or an injury could be the source. With regards to injuries, the workplace is a common culprit. A serious accident in the work environment could easily debilitate an unsuspecting employee. Thus, it is not only important to be aware of these situations but what an employee can do if they find themselves in these situations.

Being injured on-the-job can pose many difficulties. One of them is living with a disability. A workplace injury could result in temporary or permanent disabilities, which could make it difficult or impossible to work. However, those living with a disability are likely to find themselves in certain industries over others.

Ohio senate approves bill to protect waste and recycle workers

When residents in Ohio think about dangerous careers, they often think about construction work and mining. However, there are some industries that are concerning in the state, which has sparked interests by legislatures. And with this legislation, it is their hope to reduce the number of fatal accidents among waste and recycling workers.

According to current data. The waste and recycling collection industry is ranked fifth in the nation when it comes to fatal work injuries. Researchers found that these injuries were due to inattentive and distracted drivers. Based on current reports, the Ohio Senate recently approves SB 127, which is a legislation that would help protect these workers on the roadways across the state.

What are the top violations at construction work sites?

Construction work is considered to be an important industry in Ohio and other states across the nation. While it is a vital part of society, it is also a career path that could result in a large number of workplace accidents. Due to the dangers associated with construction works, numerous injuries and fatalities occur on construction sites. Although accidents do happen, it was determined that many workplace fatalities and injuries were due to construction site violations. This means that many of these incidents could have been prevented.

What are the top violations at construction work sites? The first is fall protection. Back in 2012, there was a total of 7,250 fall safety infractions. Because of that, this makes it the most commonly cited construction site violation. Additionally, these violations come with the highest penalties because they are frequently caused by the absence of safety equipment such as harnesses and fall protection.

The challenges of obtaining disability for fibromyalgia

Sometimes your job requires superhuman abilities. You work unreasonable hours, sometimes never seeing the light of day. You are on your feet constantly, moving from patient to patient, following the orders of the doctors and the whims of the patients. You take no end of abuse, but your main objective is to provide compassionate care to those who are suffering. You love your job despite its downfalls.

The thought of being unable to work because of your fibromyalgia may be overwhelming, but the pace of your job as a nurse makes it impossible. The pain and confusion that are common symptoms of the condition make it difficult even to get out of bed some days. While you may want to seek help in the form of Social Security Disability, you may be weary of trying to convince someone that you are truly sick.