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Understanding workers' compensation benefits

Working away from home is fairly typical for residents in Ohio and elsewhere. When working in certain work environments, though, some dangers are present. These could unfortunately result in a worker suffering from a workplace illness or injury. When these incidents tragically befall upon a worker, they have the ability to determine their rights and options when it comes to filing for and collecting workers' compensation benefits.

When applying for workers' compensation benefits, a worker should first determine what benefits they are eligible for. To begin, the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation states that injured workers who have an approved claim are entitled to the payment of medical bills for treatment related to the injury or occupational illness. In addition, a worker may also be entitled to the payment for the period of a temporary disability, wage losses due to work restrictions, payment for partial disability, payment for permanent total disability or a lump sum settlement.

Number of people dying waiting for SSD benefits rising

No one expects to become injured or ill; thus, they do not expect to become disabled by these injuries or illnesses. And certainly, one does not expect to have to wait a long time to obtain benefits to help them through the financial hardships caused by his or her disability. Unfortunately, those who are seeking Social Security disability benefits or are waiting to appeal a denial will have to wait. For some, this means waiting longer than they have time to.

According to recent reports, during 2016 and 2017, the number of people that died waiting to learn if they will receive SSD benefits rose to 18,701. As 2017 came to an end, there were more than one million former workers stuck in the 605-day backlog waiting to find out whether they are eligible for benefits. The wait is longer in some states, reaching nearly 800 days.

How are work-related back injuries treated in Ohio?

Ohio is home to a wide variety of risky jobs. Whether it is mining, construction or factory work, these workers are faced with high risks and dangers on a daily basis. Thus, when a worker is harmed, he or she likely takes the steps to remedy the injury, seeking to fully recover. However, when a worker is seriously injured, this could present some issues, especially when they are not able to obtain the best treatment possible for their injury.

Take for example a back injury. In the state of Ohio, workers suffering from a work-related back injury most likely have to try remedies such as physical therapy, chiropractic care and rest before turning toward remedies like spinal fusion surgery and prescription painkillers. Because of new guidelines that were designed to reduce the overprescribing of opioids, this is not sitting well with everyone.

Understanding your SSD benefits and rights

Suffering from a disabling injury or illness is not only unexpected, it is also a challenging event that can significantly alter the life of the inflicted. One never expects to be labeled as disabled, and they certainly do not expect to endure the impacts a disability can have on the many facets in life. Being unable to work is not only difficult to accept, it also presents financial challenges because money is no longer coming in. In order to offset these financial setbacks, disabled individuals frequently apply for Social Security disability benefits.

When seeking SSD benefits, it is important to understand what these benefits entail and what rights are afforded to applicants and recipients. To begin, those applying for these benefits should note that payments couldn't start until a person has been disabled for at least five full months. This means that, on the sixth months, the first payment will be received.

Seemingly proactive steps may actually harm your SSD application

After you suffered a work-related injury, were involved in a serious accident or experienced some other event that resulted in you developing a long-term or permanent disability, you may have begun to worry about your finances. Medical expenses could cause you considerable struggles, and if you can no longer work due to the disability, you may wonder how you will generate an income.

As you contemplate your options, you may consider filing for Social Security Disability benefits. Of course, you may also know that many first-time applicants for these benefits face denial from the Social Security Administration. As a result, it could takes years to go through the application and appeals process in hopes of obtaining benefits. In the meantime, you may try to find work or avoid additional medical expenses in hopes of helping yourself financially, but these actions could potentially harm your application for SSD.

Helping you recover workers' comp following a workplace illness

We all get ill from time to time because of our time spent in the workplace. While this could transpire into just the common cold or the flu spreading among colleagues, other individuals are plagued by more serious ailments due to the work environment. Unfortunately, a harmful work condition, such as asbestos or extreme stress, could result in a worker suffering from a serious mental or physical illness.

A workplace illness is usually nothing to brush off or something to just get over. A worker will likely require much medical attention while they are out of work. Thus, at Brian, Zwick, Stone & Associates, our experienced attorneys understand how a workplace illness can seriously impact the life of a worker. Our law firm works tirelessly to help workers in the Canton area understand their rights and navigate a workers' compensation claim.

Sexual harassment at work causes women to suffer mental illnesses

Our experiences can shape who we are and how we perceive things. The average employee in Ohio or elsewhere spends 40 hours a week in the workplace, so why wouldn't a worker's experience in the work environment impact them? Unfortunately, some employees have negative and sometimes traumatic experiences in the workplace. This can induce stress, causing the employee to suffer from mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

Based on current studies, women who have suffered sexual harassment in the workplace are more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, eating disorders and even post-traumatic stress disorder when compared to those that have not gone through this experience. This study also discovered that victims were more likely to resort to drinking or drugs as a coping mechanism.

Understanding forklift accidents on a construction site

Construction sites are frequently a work in progress. This means material, tools, machinery and workers are always coming and going. While plans and objectives are put in place for a project, this does not always mean that things go as planned. Although delays happen, often due to weather, simple mishaps and not enough workers, delays could be related to defects in hard machinery used at the site. Defects could mean that the project is at a standstill until it is fixed or replaced. However, a defect could also mean a construction site accident and injured workers.

Forklifts are frequently used at construction sites. They are used to move material and can raise, lower, pickup or drop large objects or a large quantity of smaller objects. While these are very useful and often reliable industrial machinery, if they are not properly used or found to be defective, they could be deadly machines.

Common causes of construction accidents

Risks and dangers are often associated with the things that we do, even if they are small. However, when working in an industry where these dangers and risks are prevalent, it becomes more likely that a serious and even debilitating accident will occur. One of these industries is construction

With over two million workers in the construction industry nationwide, it comes as no surprise that construction accidents occur. Whether they are caused by negligence or health and safety violations, there are risks that are more common than others on a construction site.

Helping injured construction workers seek workers' comp

Going to work is a fairly routine activity for most individuals in Ohio and elsewhere. Many rely on the income derived from a job to pay for his or her basic needs. Thus, when a workplace accident occurs, making it difficult to continue working, it can be difficult or even impossible to meet your financial needs. Thus, it is vital to understand what injured workers can do to offset these damages.

Work accidents might be unexpected but they are often caused by the negligence of another party. Whether an employer is not following health and safety issues or a colleague failed to follow safety standards, a workplace accident could result in serious and life altering injuries.