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June 2017 Archives

Protecting your rights after a workplace injury

An injury or illness can happen to any person at any time. Even if you are the most careful and cautious worker at your job, you cannot always account for others around you. Furthermore, the workplace environment itself might be hazardous, and many hazards are not easy to spot.

Considering your options when addressing a workplace illness

When people think of a workplace illness, it is not uncommon to think of illnesses that commonly affect many blue-collar workers. This may include asbestos-related diseases, which affected thousands of those working in construction and in naval yards, or those working in the coal industry who are often exposed to toxic gasses in mines or dust that gathers in areas with low ventilation or reduced air flow. While each of these are dangerous, it is important to recognize that illnesses also affect those who work in offices and buildings as well.

The right approach after a workplace injury can make a difference

Injuries or illnesses can happen in any line of work. Even office workers can experience illnesses due to toxic exposure in their work environment. It is not uncommon for writers and administrative assistants to experience carpal tunnel syndrome due to excessive typing. While these injuries and illnesses may appear minor, they still can affect a person and prevent people from working.

Understanding the risks of working in a construction area

Maintaining and repairing our infrastructure is crucial to the growth and well-being of our society. Construction of new buildings, whether residential, commercial or industrial leads to jobs and a better life for all. But, working in a construction zone can be dangerous.

Many cashiers aren't sold on the benefits of electronic scanners

Few people realize the physical effort it takes to work as a grocery store clerk. More than likely, you spend each shift standing, possibly causing you pain in your back, and that's not the worst of it. Electronic scanners make your job easier in some ways, but the physical effort you expend may cause you physical injuries.