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March 2019 Archives

Securing workers' comp after a construction accident

Whether it is road construction, repairs, a home being built or a commercial construction project, construction worksites of all sizes can be seen throughout Ohio. In most cases, sites will include ladders, scaffoldings, machinery and tools. While workers are trained to handle these items, accident could happen. While minor incidents may occur, a worker could suffer severe injuries in the event of a construction accident.

Dealing with depression at work

Dealing with depression can be taxing and it can feel lonely. However, people suffering from depression should know that they are not alone. In fact, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America over 16 million Americans struggle with depression.

Road construction worker struck and killed in Ohio

Although they may not be found as frequently during the winter months, individuals in Ohio can encounter construction sites year-round. Whether it is a private or public dwelling or building or road construction, construction sites can be large and have many working parts. This could give rise to heavy machinery use, workers working near automobile traffic and other dangerous conditions. Although construction workers are aware of the risks involved in this industry, when a construction accident does occur the workers and their loved ones are usually not prepared for the aftermath of the incident.

How can you improve your chances for SSD approval?

It is hard to not notice the money going into Social Security. Each paycheck shows these deductions, and workers in Ohio and elsewhere know that this money will be available to them in the future if they are rendered disabled due to an injury or medical condition. However, many individuals living with a disability may not immediately enjoy these benefits, as roughly two-thirds of the initial claims filed for Social Security Disability benefits are denied each year.