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November 2018 Archives

Working in a hospital is hazardous to your health

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration oversees the health and safety of every industry in the country. This includes industrial jobs working with explosives, chemical compounds and other serious hazards, construction jobs involving working at heights and with dangerous equipment and more.

What are work credits and how do they impact SSD benefits?

Suffering an injury is usually a difficult time for individuals in Ohio. While minor injuries are easily brushed off, serious injuries that require a significant amount of time to recover from have a way of impacting a person's life profoundly. In fact, an injury can be so severe that it could make it hard to do normal things, like caring for oneself. And, in other cases, it could mean losing the ability to work.

Facts about fall injuries in the workplace

Going to work means facing the usual elements in the work environment. For workers in Ohio and elsewhere, that could mean a wide variety of factors. For some, this may mean a desk and an office setting, but for others, it means working at great heights or with machinery. Regardless if a worker works at the ground level or at a height, it is possible to fall when walking, climbing or even standing in the workplace.

Pursuing workers' compensation benefits following an injury

Going to work is a weekly routine for most residents in Ohio and elsewhere. While it is a part of a person's everyday life, there are certain events in the workplace that most people do not expect to experience, and that includes a workplace injury. A workplace injury can be a shocking and traumatic situation. While some injuries can be minor, others are severe, causing the need for ongoing medical treatment and the need to take off from work to recover.