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October 2017 Archives

What factors lead to falls on construction sites?

Construction workers understand that they are working in an industry that carries with it a wide variety of risks. From workplace injuries to work-related illnesses, construction sites can be considered unsafe work environments. Nonetheless, much has been done over the years to reduce the dangers associated with the construction industry. While training and safety equipment have worked to reduce those harmed or impacted by worksite dangers, this unfortunately has not worked to prevent some of the most deadly dangers at construction sites.

Ohio construction worker killed by falling object

All around us we can see construction sites. Whether it is a new home, building, renovation or road construction, this means progress and improvements. It also means construction crews working long hours and in risky conditions in order for these projects to be completed on time. Although employers are required to take steps to ensure the health and safety of construction workers are protected in the work environment, accidents unfortunately still occur.

Work-related asthma impacting the health of workers

When individuals in Ohio and elsewhere go to work, they likely do not expect to suffer harms because of the work environment they are in. Unfortunately, this is the reality some employees face. A work-related illness can happen suddenly or develop over time but, no matter when it shows up, it can become very detrimental to the lives and health of these employees. Thus, it is important for these workers to understand their situation and note their rights and options.

What types of injuries are construction workers likely to suffer?

The construction industry is very vital to society. Without it, we would not have roads, buildings or homes built. While construction workers are aware that their job comes with a wide variety of risks and dangerous work conditions, regulations, inspection requirements, specifications and job safety programs have been passed or developed on the state and federal level in order to address these dangerous conditions and prevent accidents from occurring on a construction site. Despite these efforts, construction workers are still victims of serious construction site accidents.

Getting the rehabilitation you need to get back to work

After a work accident, you may find that you have many needs in your time of recovery. From coverage of your medical expenses to recompense for lost wages, you could secure benefits that may allow you to recoup some of the losses you experienced after your work accident.