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Social Security disability may be an option for long-term injury

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2019 | Social Security Disability |

Finding yourself in poor health is never an ideal situation. It can make it difficult to do much of anything including work and enjoy leisure time with loved ones and friends. If your injury has persisted one year or more, you may be wondering about the potential long-term possibility of living this version of your life. Finding a way to make ends meet can feel impossible if you aren’t able to work due to your injury or health condition.

Social Security disability exists to bridge the gap for those who are suffering from health issues. Poor health tends to get in their way of working and earning a living wage. If you’re looking at Social Security disability for the first time, this is likely all new to you. You may be confused about how the process works, the questions you’re asked and how to adequately prove that you qualify to receive disability benefits.

At Brian Zwick Stone & Associates, we take these questions seriously and we know how serious a situation you and loved ones can be in after suffering an injury or health incident. Being unable to work can make a person feel helpless. However, Social Security disability can help to bridge the gap in your finances made due to your health incident or injury. Social Security disability cannot be claimed in instances of less than one year of accident injury.

It’s important to fill out the documentation the Social Security Administration requests to prove your eligibility for SSD correctly the first time. Failure to do so could mean a denial of benefits, solely because the application for SSD was not correctly filled out. They will ask for medical records to prove your claim and may have you come in for an in-person interview. We’re here to coach you through the process to get an optimal result.