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September 2019 Archives

Ohio construction worker dies from fall

It's horrible to hear about anyone who died while working. Workers who die this way start the day just like any other, but they never return home to their families. For some, these instances are personal, with a construction workers' accidents hitting close to home and taking the life of a loved one. Recently, an Ohio construction worker was found dead at work after a fall from a roof.

Long-term disability could qualify for Social Security disability

When it comes to achieving health and well-being, suffering a major health event is rarely anything anyone expects. However, when illness or injury strikes, it can leave a person in a fragile position in terms of their health. Sometimes these incidents will heal after treatment, physical therapy or other medical care. However, some will leave a person's health less than whole for one year or longer.

Do injured workers have rights to vocational rehabilitation?

After suffering a debilitating and life-altering work injury, a worker and their family can find their lives turned upside down. In addition to all the physical symptoms and emotional burdens accompanying the injury, they may find themselves in a terrible financial crisis. However, there are resources available to injured workers to help them get back on their feet after work injury.

Three Ohio construction workers injured in I-71 crash

They say in the Midwest there are two true seasons: winter and road construction. While this can be lucrative for construction workers (as there is much work to be had) more working hours, ultimately make the risk of construction workers' accidents even more likely. Recently, a group of Ohio construction workers were involved in a crash while working. All workers are expected to recover, but they were treated for injuries.