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March 2018 Archives

Spending bill to cut SSD backlog

Much media coverage has focused on the issues impacting the Social Security Administration. More specifically, the concern about the funding associated with Social Security disability. While much effort and many proposals have been made to address these funding issues, there remains a major concern with the length of time individuals in Ohio and elsewhere must wait for an appeal for a denied SSD application.

Building a case for injuries suffered in a fall

If you didn't see the uneven pavement, the patch of ice at the foot of the stairs or the knee-level boxes in the aisle, you may have taken a tumble. You may still remember sitting on the ground or floor rubbing your knee or ankle and wishing you could just crawl away by yourself. The embarrassment of slipping or tripping and falling in public may stick with you longer than the pain.

What are common types of occupational illnesses?

The work environment may be designed for productivity, but it is not designed to prevent all dangers. No matter the industry an individual from Ohio is in, he or she is subjected to a wide variety of risks. While some industries are more prone to occupational hazards, it is important for all employees, no matter their occupation, to note the common types of occupational illnesses and how they could impact an employee.

Construction worker accidents: falls at construction work sites

The construction industry plays a major role in Ohio and other states across the nation. Whether it is the construction of a road, home or building, construction workers are frequently tasked with working at great heights. While this is just part of the job, this factor is the cause of the many risks and dangers construction workers face. Safety procedures in the construction industry are essential to reduce the dangers associates with working at heights. However, these measures can be overlooked, not properly implemented or not followed. This could result in serious accidents at a construction work site.

Pursuing workers' compensation after a construction site accident

It is hard to venture around without encountering a construction worksite. Whether it is a high-rise, office building, a store, an apartment complex, homes or road construction, individuals in Ohio and elsewhere are likely to travel by these sites, especially with spring upon us. Construction workers are vital in the construction industry, ensuring that projects are completed efficiently and on time. However, these workers are faced with many risks and dangers present at worksites and with the materials that they use.

What can you do after a workers' compensation denial?

When one suffers an injury or illness, they are likely to take steps to better the situation. This often means seeking medical attention to help treat the matter. However, when a worker is injured on-the-job or is diagnosed with a workplace illness, there is more that the worker can do. Seeking workers' compensation benefits could be very valuable, as these benefits could help offset medical bills and lost wages. However, going through the application process does not always guarantee that the worker will be approved for benefits.