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How common is work-related depression?

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2019 | Workplace Illness |

Employees in Ohio and elsewhere think of their workplace as a safe space. Whether a person is working in an office setting or in construction, for example, employees in all industries are under the impression that employers have taken the time to ensure the safety of their employees. When an employer fails to uphold this duty, a worker could suffer harm. This could be a physical injury, emotional trauma and even a permanent health condition.

How common is depression in the workplace? Based on current statistics, roughly one-third of adults report being more anxious than they were the previous year, while only a quarter reported being less anxious. Unfortunately, emotional and mental health issues often go undetected and left untreated for too long. Around 40 million adults in the U.S. struggle with anxiety. That is around 18% of the population. On top of that, 7% of the adult population reports at least one depressive episode over the past year.

Certain industries and work environments could make a worker more vulnerable to anxiety and depression. Working long hours, not getting enough sleep, being overwhelmed and stressed and working in a toxic environment can cause mental health issues. This could require a worker to seek medical treatment, and even to take time off of work to recover.

A workplace illness can take on many forms. Whether it impacts a worker mentally, emotionally or physically, it is important to understand the resources available to the worker. It may be possible to secure workers’ compensation benefits. These payments can be very valuable, as they can help address financial harm related to medical bills and lost wages caused by the work-related illness.