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The determination process for SSD benefits

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2019 | Social Security Disability |

Suffering a severe injury or receiving a sudden diagnosis of a serious health condition can shake a person’s world. An individual in Ohio and elsewhere is not only faced with the pain associated with these conditions but also the impact it has on a person’s ability to lead their normal life. For some, an injury or illness is so severe that it is considered disabling. This ultimately can make it difficult or even impossible to maintain a job or even care for him or herself.

In order to offset the financial challenges caused by a disability, it is possible to apply for Social Security disability benefits. The application process can seem daunting; however, it is set up to ensure that those seeking these benefits are actually eligible and qualify for them. The process begins by obtaining the application, which can be done in person, by phone, by mail or online. The applicant is to provide information and documentation related to their impairment. This means giving a description, treatment sources and other information related to his or her disability.

Determination is based on the information and medical evidence provided in the application. The Social Security Administration has a strict definition of disability, as well as a list of qualifying conditions. This can help streamline the eligibility process. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be challenging to be clear, concise and complete. This can cause certain applications to be incomplete or insufficient to make a determination. This typically requires more information, or could result in a denial and require the applicant to submit an appeal.

Applying for Social Security disability is an important step to take for those living with a disability; however, the fear of being denied can deter some from taking this step. While denial is possible, it is important to note that applicants can take steps to appeal this decision. Thus, it is vital to explore the application and appeal process to ensure all steps are properly taken.