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What can you do if your family suspects abuse or neglect?

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2019 | Firm News |

Before you made the choice to place your loved one in an Ohio nursing home, you probably spent a significant amount of time researching and planning. Paying a facility to care for someone you love who is in a vulnerable state is a major choice, and it’s an important decision for any family. With the trust you place in the home and the people who work there, it can be devastating to learn that your loved one received less-than-quality care.

There are some situations in which a family may actually suspect that their loved one is experiencing either abuse or neglect in a nursing home. Mistreatment of any kind is unacceptable, but how can you find out what is really happening? It can be helpful for your family to understand that you have the right to try to get to the bottom of the situation and advocate on behalf of your loved one. 

Possible grounds for a claim

How can you know if abuse or neglect is happening? Often, victims may show signs of a potential problem, such as becoming withdrawn, losing weight, having inexplicable bruises and more. Abuse is not always physical or through direct contact — it can be in the form of emotional mistreatment, neglect, lack of supervision and more. 

How can you know if you have a valid case? When there is clear evidence of a problem, you have the right pursue appropriate damages and to hold liable parties accountable for what happened to your loved one. To have a case, you need evidence of at least one of the following things: 

  • Negligent hiring practices
  • Negligent supervision of patients
  • Negligent maintenance of equipment
  • Negligent care of the property and facility 

Your family will find it beneficial to work with an experienced attorney who can help you move forward with the right course of action. You do not have to fight back on behalf of your loved one alone.

Don’t stay silent

When you think there is a problem, speak up. An investigation into the practices and care provided by the facility could reveal that your loved one is the victim of abuse, neglect or other forms of mistreatment. Nursing home facilities are accountable for the way they treat their parents, and families have the right to ensure their loved ones get the care and support they deserve.