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Disability benefits and ulcerative colitis

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2020 | Social Security Disability |

People in Ohio with ulcerative colitis may find the effects of their disorder so painful and disabling that they are unable to work. They might winder if they could be approved for Social Security Disability benefits on the basis of their diagnosed condition. Like other types of digestive disorders, ulcerative colitis may qualify a sufferer for disability benefits depending on their overall health condition, their functional limitations and their work history and skills. There is a disability listing for adult disorders of the digestive system, including ulcerative colitis as well as inflammatory bowel disease or gastrointestinal hemorrhage.

Under the listing, patients must have a bowel obstruction or two of a listed set of effects to be approved for SSD benefits. In order to qualify, people must be receiving ongoing treatment from a physician, and these must occur within one six-month period. If they have perineal disease with a fistula or abscess, a tender and painful abdominal mass, significant involuntary weight loss, artificial nutrition, anemia or a lack of albumin, they may qualify depending on the number of symptoms and the level of pain that they suffer due to their disorder.

Many people with ulcerative colitis may suffer too much from their disease in order to work, but they may not meet the full medical requirements of the listing. However, they might still be approved for disability benefits if they can show that the functional limitations caused by their illness prevent them from working. For example, they may be unable to lift heavy weights, walk a significant distance or bend due to the effects.

Applicants are often denied Social Security Disability benefits after they first apply, but they may be approved if they pursue an appeal to a disability hearing. A disability attorney may provide strong representation and work to get people much-needed benefits.