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Applying for SSD benefits with migraines

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2020 | Social Security Disability |

People in Ohio who struggle with migraine headaches may find that their pain prevents them from working effectively or even from doing their job at all. They may be unable to keep a job due to the recurring effects of migraines. As a result, they might look to Social Security Disability to provide benefits that could replace their income due to their disability. While there is no specific Social Security Administration impairment listing related to migraines, this condition can lead to a legitimate award of disability benefits.

People with migraines may not face an easy path in seeking approval for SSD benefits, but they can be approved for disability. Migraines are generally considered a type of neurological impairment, but sufferers may face a difficult time showing that their migraines make them unable to work. While it may be impossible to keep some jobs, Social Security disability examiners may expect that migraine sufferers are able to generate some form of substantial and gainful income, which is the standard that the agency uses to determine eligibility for benefits. People who can show that migraines cause a major limitation to their daily activities might be approved for Social Security Disability through a medical vocational allowance.

Specifically, people with migraines would generally need extensive medical records that document the severity and frequency of their pain as well as the steps their doctor has taken to treat them. They would also need to show their functional limitations on the job, including documenting their work history and the types of skills they have.

Migraines can be debilitating, leading to substantial amounts of time away from work and even lost jobs as a result of the pain. A disability attorney may work with sufferers to help them pursue their claims for Social Security Disability benefits.