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What are the four most common types of construction accidents?

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2018 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

Everything around us is constantly improving. Improvements can be seen in technology, the Internet, automobiles and even the way we do things. And much like the things we used on a daily basis, the roads we drive on and buildings we go into are being built, repaired and enhanced. This results in an ever-increasing amount of construction projects going on in Ohio and other states across the nation.

While construction projects are necessary in society, they are also the cause of many risks faced by workers every year. The construction industry is inherently dangerous, and construction workers are faced with many dangers each and every day they go to work. These dangerous could result in an accident occurring, causing a worker to suffer a serious injury.

What are the four most common construction accidents? Falls remain at the top of the list, as this is a constant danger in the construction industry. This is also the cause of a high fatality rate. Because many buildings constructed are at a great height, if a worker misses a step and falls, he or she could suffer serious and even fatal injuries. Falls from a roof account for a large percentage of falls in the construction industry. Falls also occur from scaffoldings, ladders and girders.

Another major cause of construction accidents is electrocution. Working with high poser cables is dangerous and can prove to be fatal is a worker is exposed to a live wire. Injuries from this type of accident include burns, shocks and falls. A third cause of a construction accident is being struck by an object. This includes flying substances, falling objects, rolling equipment or moving objects. These types of incidents represent roughly 17 percent of fatalities in the industry.

Finally, the fourth cause is being caught in or between objects. A construction worker might be drawn into something or caught between two objects. This could result in a crush injury or even a fatality. Although the rate of death from this type of accident is roughly 1.4 percent, it is still deemed a significant risk in the construction industry.

A construction accident could result in serious injuries. Thus, workers and their loved ones should understand what options they might have following such an incident. Workers’ compensation benefits could help offset the financial harms experienced because of a construction accident.