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Common types of construction injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2018 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

Some jobs hold potential risks while others are inherently dangerous. No matter the work environment, however, employees should be aware of the risks associated with their position. While safety equipment is often offered and training is provided, this does not always mean these are most up-to-date. In fact, if an employer does not take necessary steps to ensure risks and dangers are guarded against, this could pose some issues for them in the event of a workplace accident causing injuries.

Construction workers are often focused on the job at hand, believing that they have the tools necessary to complete everything safely and on a timely basis. Unfortunately, risks come in many forms, causing even the most experienced construction worker to be exposed to risks and dangers.

Injuries suffered on a construction site can vary and can be the result of a range of events. To begin, the most common cause of a construction injury is a fall. This could be a trip, a fall from great heights or a fall from a ladder or roof. These workers are also exposed to the risk of falling object, as they tend to work below other workers. Other common causes of construction accidents include equipment malfunctions, being backed over or crushed by trucks or machinery, fires or explosions, trench or building collapses, repetitive motion injuries, heat stroke, reparatory disease and exposure to high levels of lead.

No matter the cause, a construction accident could leave an individual seriously harmed. In these matters, it is important for injured construction workers to understand what options they have. This could come in the form of workers’ compensation benefits, helping to offset the losses and damages caused by the incident.