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Spending bill to cut SSD backlog

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2018 | Social Security Disability |

Much media coverage has focused on the issues impacting the Social Security Administration. More specifically, the concern about the funding associated with Social Security disability. While much effort and many proposals have been made to address these funding issues, there remains a major concern with the length of time individuals in Ohio and elsewhere must wait for an appeal for a denied SSD application.

Based on recent reports, the Senate Finance Committee celebrated a win, as there will be an increase in the SSA’s budget in the omnibus spending bill. This was done as a measure to address the substantial SSD appeals backlog endured by many disabled Americans.

It was emphasized that when Americans receive a paycheck, money is taken from that paycheck to go towards Social Security. Thus, when workers suddenly need the benefits of Social Security, they shouldn’t be force to wait months or even years when it comes to receiving the benefits that they have earned. Although these changes will provide a boost to set things on the right path, it is clear that more is needed to help all American workers obtain the benefits they have earned and paid into.

According to reports, there was a request for an operating budget of at least $13 billion. This is double the amount offered by the Trump Administration. When the omnibus spending bill was signed into law, it sent a total of $12.9 billion. With this funding, the SSA will be able to reduce the disability backlog, improve the efficiency of the process and address other issues.

When workers in Ohio suffer a disabling injury, it is important that they understand the programs and opportunities available to them. This not only means applying for SSD benefits but also the ability to appeal a denial.

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