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Construction worker accidents: falls at construction work sites

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2018 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

The construction industry plays a major role in Ohio and other states across the nation. Whether it is the construction of a road, home or building, construction workers are frequently tasked with working at great heights. While this is just part of the job, this factor is the cause of the many risks and dangers construction workers face. Safety procedures in the construction industry are essential to reduce the dangers associates with working at heights. However, these measures can be overlooked, not properly implemented or not followed. This could result in serious accidents at a construction work site.

According to current data, 50 to 60 deaths occur at construction sites each year and are related to the employee working at heights. Additionally, 4,000 injuries occur because of incidents associated with working at heights.

Construction workers are not the only ones faced by these risks. Other professionals are tasked with working at heights to complete or maintain these structures. This includes painters, decorators, window cleaners and maintenance workers. However, based on a five-year study conducted by the Health and Safety Engineer, a well-designed construction project has a lesser chance of experiencing hazards and accidents during the project.

The best way to address these dangers is by reducing the risk of construction site falls. This means taking the time to plan and organize before the project starts, ensure that the workers are competent, analyze the risks associated with at heights, properly plan and manage work done at heights and properly inspect and maintain equipment used at heights.

While there are measures to protect against construction site falls, these incidents unfortunately occur every year. Thus, employees harmed because of a fall should understand their rights and options. This may mean filing a workers’ compensation claim, helping the injured worker pursue necessary benefits

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