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How workers’ comp can help injured construction workers

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2019 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

When a construction worker has suffered harm as a result of a construction accident, they should know how to take care of themselves and the different resources available to help them do that. Workers’ compensation can help injured workers through the challenges they face after being hurt on the job.

A construction accident can be a devastating occurrence for construction workers and their families. Unfortunately, construction accidents are not uncommon and there are many dangers and risks construction workers face every day on a job site. Workers’ compensation is one resource that may be able to help injured construction workers but other legal options may be available as well. A workers’ compensation claim is similar to making an insurance claim.

Injured construction workers should promptly report their injuries to their employer, fill out the claim form for workers’ compensation benefits and make sure to make their claim as soon as possible. They should also be familiar with any applicable deadlines and timelines for making a claim in their state. Additionally, injured construction workers should know what workers’ compensation benefits for construction workers can help with. They may be able to help with medical expenses, lost wages for temporary and permanent disability and vocational rehabilitation or job training, if needed.

Workers’ compensation benefits are a valuable resource for injured construction workers to help get them back on their feet or to provide other types of assistance they need depending on the severity of their injuries. As a result, injured construction workers should be acquainted with how workers’ compensation benefits may be able to help them.