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Three Ohio construction workers injured in I-71 crash

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2019 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

They say in the Midwest there are two true seasons: winter and road construction. While this can be lucrative for construction workers (as there is much work to be had) more working hours, ultimately make the risk of construction workers’ accidents even more likely. Recently, a group of Ohio construction workers were involved in a crash while working. All workers are expected to recover, but they were treated for injuries.

It happened on Ohio’s I-71 just after 9pm. The crew of three men were on the back of a cone truck and setting up a work zone when suddenly a pickup truck struck the cone truck they were working on or beside. A commercial vehicle then hit the pickup truck due to the original collision. A full investigation is on-going to determine more about the factors that led up to the construction workers’ accident.

Construction workers working on busy Ohio roads are particularly at risk. The speeds of travel and often driver inattention or blatant disrespect of posted work zone limits can easily cause worker injury. However, all workers have a right to safety at work. If a worker was injured on the job, they can seek solutions of workers comp, disability or even a personal injury lawsuit if necessary.

The investigation is likely being conducted by OSHA or possibly NHTSA to determine the details of the crash. What speed the vehicles were traveling, the positioning of the cone vehicle, posted notices about work zones are all pertinent to the investigation. The will find answers and the hope is to prevent further work accidents from occurring. Especially those that result in worker injury.