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What benefits can I receive in a workers’ compensation claim?

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Work accidents, injuries and health conditions are constant concerns in Ohio. While people who work in physically dangerous or strenuous jobs are generally at greater risk, this can happen to anyone even if they are in relatively sedentary types of employment.

Because injuries will require medical treatment and could lead to lost time on the job, they can lead to financial trouble for workers. Knowing what benefits can be provided through workers’ compensation is important from the outset.

Understanding workers’ compensation benefits

Injured workers are covered for medical treatment including rehabilitation and prescription medication. They may also receive benefits to help them cope with the loss of income while they are recovering.

Workers can see any doctor they want for the first visit. Except in case of emergency, they will then be encouraged to see physicians certified by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. Workers must pay out of pocket to see a non-certified doctor. To use workers’ compensation benefits, it is important to see an approved doctor.

Temporary disability benefits

The injury itself will be a key factor in what type of benefits the person gets to help with lost wages. If the injury is not severe, the worker will only need temporary benefits. If the worker loses eight or more calendar days on the job, they can receive temporary total benefits.

While getting these benefits, the worker cannot perform any kind of work at all. If they miss 14 consecutive days, the worker will be paid for the first seven.

After returning to work, the temporary total benefits stop. In cases where the injuries are such that the worker cannot return to a normal schedule, they can work shorter days.

For example, a construction worker who suffered a back injury might not be able to do the same type of heavy lifting they did before, so accommodations will need to be made.

The amount the worker receives hinges on their wages when they were injured. It will be limited to the statewide weekly average for the year the worker was hurt.

The initial 12 weeks will warrant 72% of the weekly wage. After that, it reduces to 66.67%. It is also possible to settle the case with a lump sum.

Those seeking a partial settlement might only be paid for medical benefits or compensation benefits.

Caring and experienced representation

Working-class and blue collar workers in Canton and across Ohio are vulnerable to workplace injuries, but accidents can occur regardless of the job. To maximize your workers’ compensation benefits, it is vital to know what is available and what you need to do to get your approved, paid promptly and in paid full.

When disputes arise, it is essential to have help.

Consulting with professionals goes a long way in making sure the case is assessed on its merits and people get what they are entitled to. Having calming guidance throughout the workers’ compensation claim process can ease your fears and be a key part of a successful claim.