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What if my SSD benefits are up for review?

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2019 | Social Security Disability |

When an Ohio resident is injured, ill or suffers from a medical condition and seeks Social Security disability benefits, being approved is an undeniable relief. These benefits are useful to make ends meet and to get the medical care necessary. However, there will be continuing disability reviews to ensure the person should continue getting SSD benefits. It can be concerning to have a disability review, but it does not mean the benefits will stop.

The Social Security Administration will inform the disability recipient by sending a letter that their case will be reviewed. For those who have not had an improvement in their condition and their disability still prevents them from working, the SSD benefits will continue. When the case is assessed, the SSA will seek new information from medical professionals, via medical records and tests. If the information is not sufficient to decide, there will be a consultative examination that the SSA will pay for. The medical condition during the previous review will be compared to the new review. If there are new problems, this will be factored in. If the condition has improved enough that the SSD benefits are no longer needed, they will stop. The type of work the person can do is also an important consideration.

The disability benefits will not only stop in the case where a person can work. The following reasons are enough to stop benefits: if the person can work after receiving vocational training or there were improvements in medical treatment and other means so the person can work; if there was a mistake in the previous decision to give or continue benefits; if the person is not adhering to the treatment given by a medical professional and does not have a good reason for doing so; if false or misleading information was given; if the person is not being cooperative; or if the person is working and is earning more than the substantial gainful activity level. If the benefits stop and the person believes they should continue, it can be appealed.

Being informed that the SSD benefits are up for review can be a worrisome time. It will be even worse if the SSA determines that the person no longer needs the disability benefits. Despite the obvious concerns, it does not mean that the benefits will be permanently stopped. There are alternatives and a law firm that handles Social Security disability cases can help.