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What are some common workplace injuries?

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2018 | Workplace Injuries |

Going to work is a very routine part of our daily schedule. While we go to work most days of the week, depending on a person’s occupation, employees in Ohio may not look at this as a time when they will be subjected to serious risks. Nevertheless, workers in all industries are faced with dangers and the potential of suffering a serious injury in the workplace.

What are common workplace injuries? Each year, there are over 1 million work-related injuries and illnesses, causing workers to lose days away from work. This equates to one occupational injury or illness for every 100 full-time workers. While this seems like a very high number, it should be noted that the average number of work days missed is nine. This means that any of these injuries and illnesses are not very severe.

In fact, most workplace injuries, roughly 60 percent, are the result of common missteps. This includes events such as overexertion, falls, slip and trips, versus events such as violent incidents, vehicle crashes or exposure to harmful substances. Of the eight common workplace injuries, number eight is heat burns, which are commonly caused by an exposure to a harmful substance or environment. The next are puncture wounds.

This is followed by concussions, lacerations, fractures, contusions and non-specified injuries and disorders, such as soreness and swelling. The top spot goes to sprains, strains and tears, commonly caused by overexertion and bodily reaction. However, no matter the type of injury, when a worker is hurt badly enough that he or she must take time off from work, this can generate financial hardships.

When a worker suffers a workplace injury, it is important that they understand what rights are afforded to them. This may mean seeking workers’ compensation if appropriate. These benefits could help address losses such as medical bills and lost wages.