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Avoid post injury complications by researching workers' comp now

No matter what type of work you do in Ohio, you are at risk for injury. Some jobs are undoubtedly more dangerous than others. For instance, you have greater chance of avoiding injury if you work in a dental office than you might if you are a skyscraper window washer in a major Ohio city. Of course, any type of job may lead to an accident; for instance, you might fall down stairs or develop a repetitive stress injury from typing.

The challenges of obtaining disability for fibromyalgia

Sometimes your job requires superhuman abilities. You work unreasonable hours, sometimes never seeing the light of day. You are on your feet constantly, moving from patient to patient, following the orders of the doctors and the whims of the patients. You take no end of abuse, but your main objective is to provide compassionate care to those who are suffering. You love your job despite its downfalls.

Getting the rehabilitation you need to get back to work

After a work accident, you may find that you have many needs in your time of recovery. From coverage of your medical expenses to recompense for lost wages, you could secure benefits that may allow you to recoup some of the losses you experienced after your work accident.

Workplace violence and risk of injury to health care workers

Ohio health care workers are some of the most valuable employees in any industry. They have an invaluable role in the care, recovery and well-being of millions of Americans, but they also face some significant risks to their own health and safety. When these workers suffer injuries or experience illness as a result of their jobs, they have the right to certain types of financial benefits.

Ohio employees can work safely in the summer heat

When the temperatures rise during the summer, so do the chances that a worker will suffer the ill effects of heat-related illness. Many workers are susceptible to various types of occupational illnesses caused by extreme heat, even those who work indoors. With awareness and increased safety measures, Ohio workers are able to work safely in the summer heat. 

How do I know if I have a valid Social Security Disability claim?

The disability claims process is complicated, and you know that many claims first come back denied. If you believe that you may have a valid claim, you may still feel daunted by the prospect of a long and arduous claims process. One of the first steps you can take is to find out if you truly have a claim before you move forward.

Many cashiers aren't sold on the benefits of electronic scanners

Few people realize the physical effort it takes to work as a grocery store clerk. More than likely, you spend each shift standing, possibly causing you pain in your back, and that's not the worst of it. Electronic scanners make your job easier in some ways, but the physical effort you expend may cause you physical injuries.

I have diabetes. Do I have a disability?

Diabetes is a relatively common disease, and for this reason, many people do not consider this illness to be a disabling condition. While the severity of a case of diabetes varies on a case-by-case basis, many people find that the effects of this disease leave them unable to work and participate in everyday activities.

The high cost of hospital worker injuries

When you think of the most dangerous jobs, working in a hospital is probably not at the top of your list. In reality, Ohio hospital workers face a higher risk of an injury and missing a day of work than individuals who work in construction or manufacturing. Despite the fact that doctors, nurses and techs put their own health and safety at risk every time they walk through the door, it can be remarkably hard for them to secure workers' compensation benefits when needed.