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Report released after workplace accident injures miners

Mining can be a dangerous job in Ohio. As a result, workers who are employed in this industry should be aware of what steps to take if they have been involved in a workplace accident. Since these workers are oftentimes below ground, use heavy equipment, could face unforeseen risks as they go about their duties, and are involved in a physically and mentally demanding job, accidents happen quite frequently.

Man dies in work accident with lift in Ohio

For those who work in industrial jobs, freight or other physically demanding positions, the risk of injury at work is significantly higher. That's why safety regulations are training are more readily available and implemented in hopes of preventing any workplace injury or death. Sadly, a man at work on a lift in Ohio fell from the lift and passed away.

Worker in Ohio suffers second-degree chemical burn on-the-job

It is important to remember that not all injuries in the workplace involve heavy machinery or repetitive stress injuries. For example, a workplace accident occurred at the Addipel resin pellits facility in Elyria, Ohio, in which a worker suffered burn injuries following a chemical mixing incident. Workers were mixing several chemicals, including crodamide, akawax-c powder, cellcom-obsh and vicrom. The chemical mixture reacted, causing the worker to be burned.

Are back injuries common workplace injuries?

As we age, our body becomes less like it was during our youth. People may not be as fast as they once were, their metabolism may be slower and they are likely to experience more pain and aches in their joints and other body parts. While some of this is simply due to individuals in Ohio and elsewhere getting older, it could also be related to a person's work environment. Take, for example, back pain. This could be related to how a person is standing, sitting and moving in the workplace and could be categorized as a workplace injury.

Securing workers' compensation after a workplace injury

Despite the fact that most workers are well-acquainted with their own workplace, this does not make a worker immune from dangers and potential hazards. No matter how long a worker has been at an employer or in a certain industry, accidents could occur, causing a worker to suffer serious injuries.

Facts about fall injuries in the workplace

Going to work means facing the usual elements in the work environment. For workers in Ohio and elsewhere, that could mean a wide variety of factors. For some, this may mean a desk and an office setting, but for others, it means working at great heights or with machinery. Regardless if a worker works at the ground level or at a height, it is possible to fall when walking, climbing or even standing in the workplace.

Pursuing workers' compensation benefits following an injury

Going to work is a weekly routine for most residents in Ohio and elsewhere. While it is a part of a person's everyday life, there are certain events in the workplace that most people do not expect to experience, and that includes a workplace injury. A workplace injury can be a shocking and traumatic situation. While some injuries can be minor, others are severe, causing the need for ongoing medical treatment and the need to take off from work to recover.

Workers' compensation and neck and back pain

Most people in Ohio and elsewhere go to work on a weekly basis. While this may be routine, many individuals suffer strains and aches because of the environment they work in. Over time, these minor aches and pains can evolve into a serious medical issue. And in some cases, these workers have to take time off from work to recover from an injury to the neck or back that occurred in the workplace.

What are some common workplace injuries?

Going to work is a very routine part of our daily schedule. While we go to work most days of the week, depending on a person's occupation, employees in Ohio may not look at this as a time when they will be subjected to serious risks. Nevertheless, workers in all industries are faced with dangers and the potential of suffering a serious injury in the workplace.

Helping you recover the workers' comp you deserve

Whether work feels like work or not, the reality is that most individuals in Ohio and elsewhere, work is necessary to make a living and pay for basic needs. Thus, when something interrupts a person's ability to work, this can be very devastating. A workplace injury can cause an employee to be unable to work while they recover, resulting in financial hardships.