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Understanding workplace depression

When we think of illnesses related to the workplace, we tend to think of illnesses related to exposures to chemicals or minerals, such as asbestos and coal. However, there are other types of workplace illnesses that some individuals in Ohio and elsewhere do not automatically associate with the workplace. For example, depression and anxiety can be serious mental health problems, and the work environment could cause them.

What is black lung disease?

As a previous post discussed, some employees in Ohio and elsewhere are faced with serious dangers in the workplace. One of these is an occupational illness. For coal miners, this means working in an environment that could be detrimental to one's health. Over time, a miner could develop an illness known as black lung disease. If such a diagnosis occurs, a worker could need a lot of medical attention, even missing work for an extended period of time.

Surge in black lung disease for coal miners in central Appalachia

Whether it is the first day on the job or a position you have held for decades, if the industry you work in carries with it health risks, it is important for employees in Ohio and elsewhere to be aware of this situation. This means understanding ways to reduce the risks of an occupational disease, as well as the signs and symptoms associated with these potential diseases. This can help a worker get the medical attention they need in a timely manner, and it can help a worker seek workers' compensation benefits for missing work while he or she is recuperating.

What are the symptoms of workplace depression?

Admit it, work can get stressful from time to time. Whether it's because of the season, a major project nearing completion or added tasks to your already busy workload, stress can get overwhelming in the workplace. In fact, it can get to such a point that anxiety and even depression sets in. Work-related depression can be a serious situation. Even when treated, this can significantly impact a person's ability to lead a normal life.

Helping you recover workers' compensation benefits

While no workplace is perfect, a work environment should not be the cause of a serious health problem. Unfortunately, the conditions of a workplace can contribute to a work-related illness. Whether it takes weeks, moths or even years to set in, a workplace illness can be a very serious situation. An employee might require much medical treatment, resulting in missed work. Such a situation can impact a person's quality of life and even the ability to return to his or her normal life once treatment is complete.

Work-related depression and recovering workers' compensation

We all get stressed out from time to time. Maybe it's a broken vehicle, a major project at work, a college final, a baby on the way or a marriage ending. No matter what the event is, stress has the tendency of growing and taking over one's life if they do not properly address the stress they are dealing with. Take work-related stress for example. This can easily cause a worker to deal with ongoing anxiety if nothing is changed in the work environment. Once anxiety sets in, and nothing is done to better the issue, a worker might develop work-related depression.

Treatment and diagnostic advancements for mesothelioma

As a previous post highlighted, workers in Ohio and elsewhere could be subjected to harmful conditions in the workplace. In some cases, this means that he or she is breathing in harmful particles, causing the worker to suffer a serious workplace illness. While no one expects to be diagnosed with mesothelioma, the unfortunate reality is that a worker could be diagnosed with this serious, life-threatening illness.

What are the risk factors for asbestos-related lung disease?

It is public knowledge in Canton and elsewhere that smoking can cause lung diseases. In fact, even when individuals breathe in second-hand smoke, they are at risk for developing lung cancer. But there are other environments and situations that could increase a person's risk of this disease. Unfortunately, the work environment could pose dangers and risks when it comes to developing this type of workplace illness.

Recovering workers' compensation after a workplace illness

No matter how hard one tries, we all get sick at some point. While this typically means a cold, the flu or some bug going around, other individuals suffer more serious ailments because of the work environment they work in. Work-related illnesses can be very serious, causing employees to miss time at work because they need to begin major medical treatment plans. While one may not think they are at risk of such illnesses, the reality is that such an event could plague anyone in Ohio.

What are common types of occupational illnesses?

The work environment may be designed for productivity, but it is not designed to prevent all dangers. No matter the industry an individual from Ohio is in, he or she is subjected to a wide variety of risks. While some industries are more prone to occupational hazards, it is important for all employees, no matter their occupation, to note the common types of occupational illnesses and how they could impact an employee.