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Silicosis exposure in the workplace: Are you at risk?

Ohio readers know some jobs come with more risk than others. Construction, manufacturing and other intensive labor jobs may come with a higher chance that the men and women who work in these industries will suffer a workplace injury. Some jobs also come with the possibility that an employee will face exposure to dangerous and toxic substances. 

Helping you recover workers' comp following a workplace illness

We all get ill from time to time because of our time spent in the workplace. While this could transpire into just the common cold or the flu spreading among colleagues, other individuals are plagued by more serious ailments due to the work environment. Unfortunately, a harmful work condition, such as asbestos or extreme stress, could result in a worker suffering from a serious mental or physical illness.

Sexual harassment at work causes women to suffer mental illnesses

Our experiences can shape who we are and how we perceive things. The average employee in Ohio or elsewhere spends 40 hours a week in the workplace, so why wouldn't a worker's experience in the work environment impact them? Unfortunately, some employees have negative and sometimes traumatic experiences in the workplace. This can induce stress, causing the employee to suffer from mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

Work related depression and workers' compensation

We all feel a little down and upset sometimes. While this can be entirely normal and appropriate for certain situations, if an individual in placed under serious stress or is suffering from anxiety, this could result in depression. Many employees in Ohio and elsewhere experience this issue. It is difficult to deal with the challenges and stress of the workplace, especially if they do not have the ability or access to self-care. In the end, this situation can make it difficult or even impossible for a worker to continue working.

Growing cause of work-related lung disease

When we get hired for a position or venture to work every day, we do not think about the potential risks and dangers we might encounter. Even if some of these risks are apparent and inherent in the place of employment, employees do not think about this on a daily basis. Nonetheless, the daily exposure to certain work environment dangers could add up over time. For example, in certain industries employees are likely to breathe in toxins in the air. While the small amounts exposed to each day does not amount to much, but over a course of years or decades, this could develop into a serious and even deadly workplace illness.

Work-related asthma impacting the health of workers

When individuals in Ohio and elsewhere go to work, they likely do not expect to suffer harms because of the work environment they are in. Unfortunately, this is the reality some employees face. A work-related illness can happen suddenly or develop over time but, no matter when it shows up, it can become very detrimental to the lives and health of these employees. Thus, it is important for these workers to understand their situation and note their rights and options.

Understanding occupational diseases and your rights

Unfortunately, we all get sick at some point or another. In most cases, this is a simple bug like a cold or the flu. However, some illnesses are much more serious, causing individuals in Ohio and elsewhere to require extensive and lengthy medical treatments. For some workers, an illness could have developed because of the work environment they work in. A work-related illness could make it challenging to work or even live a normal life. Thus, it is important to understand if the work environment was the cause, and what rights are afforded to those suffering from a workplace illness.

Protecting your rights after a workplace injury

An injury or illness can happen to any person at any time. Even if you are the most careful and cautious worker at your job, you cannot always account for others around you. Furthermore, the workplace environment itself might be hazardous, and many hazards are not easy to spot.

Considering your options when addressing a workplace illness

When people think of a workplace illness, it is not uncommon to think of illnesses that commonly affect many blue-collar workers. This may include asbestos-related diseases, which affected thousands of those working in construction and in naval yards, or those working in the coal industry who are often exposed to toxic gasses in mines or dust that gathers in areas with low ventilation or reduced air flow. While each of these are dangerous, it is important to recognize that illnesses also affect those who work in offices and buildings as well.

Asbestos illnesses still haunt many Americans

Tens of thousands of victims throughout the world, over 107,000 each year, according to the World Health Organization, suffer from asbestos-related illnesses each year. The product became popular due to its durability and versatility. It was used for a variety of products, from commercial and home construction mixed with cement, woven into fabrics and used as insulation and even for fireproof vests. But, while its heat resistance properties were helpful, little did everyone know that the fibers from the product were highly toxic, known to cause mesothelioma cancer.