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Is the bruise you noticed a sign of elder abuse?

No adult child of aging parents in Ohio or anywhere wants to imagine their loved one suffering neglect or abuse at the hands of a care provider. Whether you are currently researching nursing homes to help transition an elderly loved one to an assisted living lifestyle or have already helped them settle into a new residence, there are certain things to which you'll want to pay close attention to ensure that he or she is getting high-quality care.

Medication errors can cause serious harm to elders

If your loved one is in a nursing home or assisted living facility, caregivers are responsible for administering required medications, and you trust them to do that correctly. However, mistakes happen, and although hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities are quick to advertise the safety features they have in place, they do not provide specific information about harm caused to patients due to medical mistakes. However, you can help reduce the chance of medication errors by taking an active role in the care of your elderly family member.