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construction workers' accidents Archives

It can be very dangerous to work in some construction jobs

If you ever take a glimpse at the list of the most dangerous industries you can work in, then you're bound to see construction roles high up on it. People employed in this industry regularly work around heavy machinery, electricity and tools. These can all be dangerous if the circumstances are right.

OSHA schedules 2020 Safety Stand-Down for May 4-8

Construction employers in Ohio should be aware that OSHA has scheduled its annual National Safety Stand-Down for May 4 to 8, 2020. OSHA has held this voluntary event for seven years in a row in the effort to raise employers' awareness of the number one killer in the construction industry: falls.

How workers' comp can help injured construction workers

When a construction worker has suffered harm as a result of a construction accident, they should know how to take care of themselves and the different resources available to help them do that. Workers' compensation can help injured workers through the challenges they face after being hurt on the job.

Ohio roofing company cited for workplace safety violations

This blog recently discussed the different types of injuries construction workers may suffer while on the job. Some of the most serious injuries result from falls, which can occur while workers are performing roofing duties. Since the damages incurred as a result of an on-the-job can be significant, injured construction workers need to be familiar with all of the different types of protections available to them.

What types of injuries can construction workers suffer?

The construction industry can be a dangerous industry to work in. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, of 3.3. million injuries and illnesses reported in 2009, 9% involved construction workers. As a result, it is essential for injured construction workers to be familiar with the options available to them if they are injured on the job and the types of construction accident injuries they may suffer.

Ohio construction worker dies from fall

It's horrible to hear about anyone who died while working. Workers who die this way start the day just like any other, but they never return home to their families. For some, these instances are personal, with a construction workers' accidents hitting close to home and taking the life of a loved one. Recently, an Ohio construction worker was found dead at work after a fall from a roof.

Three Ohio construction workers injured in I-71 crash

They say in the Midwest there are two true seasons: winter and road construction. While this can be lucrative for construction workers (as there is much work to be had) more working hours, ultimately make the risk of construction workers' accidents even more likely. Recently, a group of Ohio construction workers were involved in a crash while working. All workers are expected to recover, but they were treated for injuries.

Scaffold injuries often befall construction workers

Manual labor jobs will test your strength, will and endurance. Sometimes they will even test your health and well-being. Many construction workers in Ohio are injured every year at work. Some are the victim of scaffold injuries. Scaffold injuries are common for construction workers because they are often working on or around the area where scaffold is set up.

Trench collapse at Ohio construction site kills worker

While construction occurs throughout the year, residents in Ohio are likely to see construction project increase during the warm months. And, when the economy is doing better, individuals across the nation see more construction overall, whether it is a new house, building, road construction or improvements to current structures. With the wide array of construction sites comes a large number of construction workers. Even though steps are taken to make these workers safe, construction site accidents still occur, causing harm to those involved.

Securing workers' comp after a construction accident

Whether it is road construction, repairs, a home being built or a commercial construction project, construction worksites of all sizes can be seen throughout Ohio. In most cases, sites will include ladders, scaffoldings, machinery and tools. While workers are trained to handle these items, accident could happen. While minor incidents may occur, a worker could suffer severe injuries in the event of a construction accident.