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Is it safe to drive next to a semi-truck?

On Behalf of | May 17, 2024 | Car Accidents |

Most Ohio drivers would probably prefer to not drive around large trucks on the roads and highways, but it is often unavoidable. Trucks can make drivers nervous for various reasons.

The large weight and size of trucks means that the driver of the smaller vehicle is likely the one to suffer serious or fatal injuries in an accident.

Although the best way to reduce your chance of an accident with a truck is to maintain a safe distance, sometimes this is impossible. Heavy traffic might mean the only space you have is next to a truck or an aggressive truck driver may keep driving next to you. Is this safe?

The answer is no

The main reason that it is not safe to drive next to a truck is because truck drivers have blind spots and typically cannot see you. This means that if the truck driver needs to change lanes, they may believe they are safe to do so when they are not.

Even if you know the truck driver sees you, you should still not drive next to the truck. The truck driver cannot control everything that happens with their truck. Tires can blow out no matter how safely the truck driver is driving and put you at risk of an accident if it hits your windshield.

If you find yourself driving next to a truck because you have no choice, do your best to get yourself out of the situation as soon as you can. Do not speed but drive at a reasonable speed and try to get safely ahead of them.

Sometimes a speeding truck driver makes this difficult. It might be a better idea to slow down and let them get ahead of you. Drive at a safe distance behind them.

Give trucks plenty of time to make moves

Even when you are not driving directly beside a truck, you should drive as far away from them as you can. Driving near a truck in poor weather can cause your car to slide and end up underneath the truck.

When you are pulling off onto an exit or over to the side of the road, give any trucks behind you plenty of time to slow down. Trucks take longer to slow down than smaller vehicles. Put your turn signal on and put your brakes on well ahead of time to give trucks time to slow down.

If you are in an accident involving a large truck, you could receive compensation for your injuries if you prove the truck driver or trucking company was negligent. However, your own negligence could reduce some or all your compensation, so following these safety tips is essential.