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Common human errors that contribute to work-related injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Some health and safety authorities estimate that eight in every 10 injured workers in Ohio and across the country are partly or entirely responsible for their injuries. Human errors are to blame for many workplace accidents.

The following five human errors in workplaces cause a significant percentage of injuries:

Poor housekeeping

Regardless of the industry or type of workplace, proper housekeeping is essential. Evidence of neglected housekeeping often indicates other safety issues. Slips and trips cause falls, strains, sprains, lacerations and other serious injuries.


Workers who have done the same jobs for years on end, without any adverse incidents, often become complacent. They feel a sense of invincibility, and this could lead to the disregard of safety standards. Sadly, even employers might become complacent and fail to enforce safety protocols with potentially catastrophic consequences.

Poor planning

Preplanning and hazard assessments are crucial steps in any project. Without it the necessary mitigating steps cannot be taken, increasing injury risks. Furthermore, insufficient planning can leave workers with inadequate or incorrect tools, equipment, materials and safety training.


While many distractions could be present in the work environment, other matters could take the focus away from the task at hand. Family and home-related concerns could cause dangerous mental distractions. Furthermore, mobile phones have been noted as one of the primary causes of distractions in the workplace.


Shortcuts pose significant risks in various workplace situations. These include impossible deadlines, not being equipped with the correct tools or equipment and complacency.

The workers’ compensation insurance program is a no-fault system, meaning that even if workers’ own errors caused their workplace injuries, they would remain eligible for benefits. However, some exceptions exist. Injured Ohio workers should report injuries to their employers as soon as possible to get the claims process going in pursuit of benefits to cover medical expenses and lost wages.