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Lower level workers face dropped object injury hazards

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

Dropped objects can cause severe or even fatal injuries. Any workplace in Ohio where work is done at different levels poses these hazards, including industries like construction, oil and gas and more. Reportedly, these injuries are among the top three causes of work-related serious injuries and fatalities nationwide.

A dropped object is anything that falls from a higher to a lower level. It could include any loose, unsecured, poorly stacked items, or even entire structures or pieces of structures that fall. Statistics show that about 50% of dropped objects result from human errors.

Types of dropped object hazards

Safety authorities say understanding the risk might lead to fewer dropped object injuries. This hazard is classified as follows:

  • Dynamic: Whenever an object falls from one position to another as the result of applied force, it is called a dynamic dropped object. This could include an object falling from a stack, collisions that involve traveling loads or equipment and even severe weather or helicopter downdraft.
  • Static: If an object’s own weight or gravity causes it to fall from one position to another, it is a static dropped object. The reasons could include inadequately secured items like tools, vibration and corrosion causing failure.

Factors that could contribute to dropped object accidents include wind, gravity, mechanical motion, corrosion and more. When it comes to human factors, dropped objects involve inadequate maintenance and inspection, along with a lack of awareness.

Ohio workers might not realize that something as small as a bolt or nut can be deadly, depending on the height or distance it fell. Victims of dropped object accidents can file workers’ compensation benefits claims to cover medical expenses and a portion of lost wages. Many workers choose to utilize an experienced Ohio workers’ compensation attorney’s skills to navigate the claims process for them.