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Most frequent injuries on workers’ compensation claims

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

Safety authorities say workers in Ohio and other states are most likely to suffer one of the three most-cited injuries. Overexertion, contact with equipment and slips, trips and falls make up a significant percentage of non-fatal occupational injuries reported in workers’ compensation claims. In fact, more than eight in every 10 claims involve one of these three injury types.

Repetitive motion stress on specific body parts can cause overexertion, as could non-impact injuries caused by frequent heavy lifting, turning, pushing, throwing, holding, carrying or other jobs requiring physical strain. And workers who catch themselves to prevent falls after slips or trips can suffer musculoskeletal injuries. Slipping and tripping can also cause same-level falls during which the worker’s body strikes a stationary object. Falls to a lower level from roofs, ladders and scaffolds or other collapsing structures or through surfaces like floor openings can also cause serious injuries. Injuries resulting from jumping from a higher to a lower level are also grouped in this category.

Contact injuries are caused by equipment or objects, including struck-by, struck-against or crushed-by injuries. Moving or stationary objects cause these injuries, often due to a slip or trip and fall when workers fall on or against objects. Body parts can be crushed or pinched between objects or under collapsed structures. Injuries can also result from friction pressure and long periods of vibration, like working with a jackhammer.

Workers who suffer any of these injuries should not have problems proving that it was work-related when they file workers’ compensation claims. However, the benefits claims’ process can be complicated. Many victims of occupational injuries in Ohio choose to use an experienced workers’ comp attorney to navigate their benefits claims for compensation to cover medical expenses and lost wages.