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It can be very dangerous to work in some construction jobs

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2020 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

If you ever take a glimpse at the list of the most dangerous industries you can work in, then you’re bound to see construction roles high up on it. People employed in this industry regularly work around heavy machinery, electricity and tools. These can all be dangerous if the circumstances are right.

One of the most dangerous roles in this field is duct construction and sewer work. Workers spend significant time working in confined spaces as part of this role and face two primary risks as a result of this. They are vulnerable to becoming trapped if any dirt or other debris falls on them. Construction workers also face being suffocated due to them not having proper ventilation.

Individuals who work on skyscrapers or multi-story office buildings are much more vulnerable to getting hurt than those who work on other ones. Insured Solutions Inc.’s data shows that 40% of construction worker deaths result from falls. There is a direct connection between the height of a building and the fall risk a contractor faces.

Some construction work carries with it a higher risk of injury or death. Crane and concrete work are perhaps the most dangerous.

Working in areas with different weather phenomena such as fires and high winds makes construction workers more vulnerable to getting hurt.

Another construction role that makes workers particularly vulnerable to getting hurt is demolition work. One of the reasons why it’s so dangerous is because of the ever-present risk of electrocution that they face. It’s tricky for construction workers to determine what may result in building materials falling. Proper planning and safety measures can help minimize demolition workers’ risks of getting hurt.

Construction work isn’t easy. There are specific roles that are more dangerous than others. All contractors who regularly use power tools or heavy equipment run the risk of getting hurt, though. An attorney may advise you of your right to workers’ compensation if you were injured on the job here in Canton. If they determine that you qualify for benefits, then your Ohio attorney can help you in handling every aspect of your claim.