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Report released after workplace accident injures miners

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2020 | Workplace Injuries |

Mining can be a dangerous job in Ohio. As a result, workers who are employed in this industry should be aware of what steps to take if they have been involved in a workplace accident. Since these workers are oftentimes below ground, use heavy equipment, could face unforeseen risks as they go about their duties, and are involved in a physically and mentally demanding job, accidents happen quite frequently.

A mine accident that injured two workers has been investigated by the state regulator. A preliminary report was released as to what happened. According to the investigation, the accident occurred in the mid-afternoon shortly after 3 p.m. Two men, age 23 and 20, were in a crane lift. A third worker was by the truck to which the lift was attached. The injured workers were in a basket. They were around four feet above the floor of the mine.

As they loaded an explosive liquid into pre-drilled holes, a rock fell around 16 feet from the roof, hitting the canopy. As a result, the men suffered back injuries, requiring hospitalization. They were last reported to be in stable condition. Their training was up to date and they were qualified to do the explosive work. No issues were found with the last inspection of the roof.

While some jobs are more dangerous than others, workplace injuries can occur in any type of job, whether it is physical or sedentary in nature. People who are hurt are often unable to work, meaning that they lose wages, incur medical expenses, and sometimes struggle to return to the same job. This can place several levels of hardship on them and their families. Fortunately, workers’ compensation benefits are in place to provide workers with protections to help them as they recover.

People who expect to obtain benefits should be cognizant that there can be disagreements as to who is at fault for the accident, whether the injuries were in place before the accident, the level of disability, how much medical care is needed, and more. To get approved for benefits and to maximize them, legal help is often required. For this reason, after a workplace accident it is usually important to have legal advice immediately. Calling a law firm that understands workplace injuries, investigating the circumstances, and taking the necessary steps to get workers’ compensation can be critical.