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Does your injury qualify you for workers’ compensation?

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If you suffered an injury in a work-related accident, you probably assume you will be able to claim benefits through a workers’ compensation claim. If your accident took place in an Ohio workplace or is a direct result of your job-related duties, you likely qualify. However, the circumstances of your injury may be complex, or it may not be immediately clear whether you qualify.

It can be helpful to learn more about what types of injuries qualify a person for this type of insurance claim. This can help you understand your rights and whether you should move forward with a workers’ compensation claim. If there are benefits available to you, it is in your interests to move quickly to complete your claim and pursue what you need to get better and move forward.

Will workers’ comp cover you?

If your injury happened because of your work, it is likely that workers’ compensation insurance will cover you. In many cases, these are injuries that occur in accidents that happened at a person’s place of work, but it can also include injuries that happen off company property as well. For example, if you suffered injuries in a car accident while you were driving a company vehicle for your job, it is likely that workers’ comp would cover you.

It may also cover you if you become ill as a result of your job conditions. Occupational illness can be a grave medical concern, and if your work made you ill or caused your health to worsen, you may have a valid reason to seek workers’ compensation benefits.

The right type of employee

While this insurance does cover most types of workers, there are some who are not eligible. If you are an agricultural, seasonal, domestic or undocumented worker, filing a workers’ compensation claim may not work for you. Any employee, regardless of job description, will find it beneficial to discuss his or her case with an experienced attorney to learn about the options available.

Don’t fight for recovery alone

If you are an injured employee, you do not have to fight for the benefits on your own. You have the right to seek counsel and support from the earliest steps in this process, including completing your benefits application. An assessment of your injuries and case will help you understand whether you should move forward with a workers’ comp claim and how you can maximize your claim.