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Workers’ compensation and scaffolding accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2019 | Construction Workers' Accidents |

Things are constantly being built up and repaired all around us. This makes the construction industry a vital one, but it is also an industry that requires workers to have the proper training and skills to carryout the job. Even more so, it is an industry that requires employers to comply with regulations, provide training and safety equipment and take steps following a workplace accident. When a construction accident does occur, it is important to understand what a person can do to overcome the damages caused by the incident.

Across the nation, there are roughly 2.3 million construction workers. This means that thousands of workers in Ohio and elsewhere are faced with a multitude of dangers when it comes to working at heights or level ground at a construction site. With regards to scaffolding accidents, this amounts to roughly 60 deaths and 4,500 injuries each year.

When a scaffolding accident occurs, the cause is assessed. Based on current data, it was determined that roughly 70 percent of these incidents are attributed to the planking or the support giving way, slipping or being struck by an object. No matter the cause, the aftermath can be severe, causing injured workers to require medical attention so that they can return to work following treatment and rehabilitation.

When a construction site accident occurs, it is important that workers understand their options and rights. An injured worker may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, and it is vital to explore eligibility for these benefits. This could help offset the financial hardships caused by the injuries suffered, helping to address medical bills, lost wages and other losses.