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Common occupational diseases suffered by workers

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2018 | Workplace Illness |

When individuals in Ohio and elsewhere go to work, they expect to complete their work duties and get paid for them. People do not expect the act of working to cause them actual harm. In other words, workers do not often consider the possibility of suffering a serious illness from the work environment. Unfortunately, this occurs to many workers, causing people to question what options they have when a workplace accident leaves them unable to work.

Depending on the work environment and the industry in which a person works, the dangers and risks associated with the job can vary. However, there are some workplace illnesses that are more common than others. Take, for example, respiratory diseases. This disease could impact the organs of the respiratory system, including the nose, naval cavity, trachea, bronchus and the lungs. Such diseases include Rhinitis, pneumonia, asthma, pneumoconiosis, dyspnea, and pleural plague diseases.

Occupational disease could also impact the cardio-vascular system. These are conditions that affect the heart and the blood vessels, including diseases such as hypertension, heart failure, myocardial infection, stroke, angina pectoris, heart failure and coronary hear diseases. Many of these conditions can incapacitate a worker, especially if a condition is chronic.

The skin can also be impacted by an occupational disease. This could result in conditions such as dermatitis, cancer, skin manifestation, heat and cold damage and mites. Diseases of the skin are fairly common in a variety of occupations, and they can be rather incapacitating.

When a worker suffers a workplace illness, it is important to consider what rights they might have. This could mean seeking workers’ compensation. This benefit could help address growing medical bills, as well as lost wages.